Should you learn blogging formally or do it yourself?

The entire blogging community is divided on this topic.

Apparently it looks that those who have a lot to sell to help you learn blogging properly are advocate of learning blogging formally which means to learn it with a mentor or with a premium product of learning.

While those who do not sell on their blog the products related to learning of blogging formally always advise to learn it on do-it-yourself (DIY) basis.

Both the groups have different perspective of learning of blogging according to the requirements of their business which they are doing on their blogs.

Both the viewpoints have their own pluses and minuses.

So instead of just adding my viewpoint to pick the best option from the two options I would just cover pros and cons of both.

learn bloggingAnd before that I would also discuss why it is must to learn blogging properly (not formally) and then tell you how to learn it both formally and on DIY basis as well.

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So let’s move into the deep details of this debate to be definite on what to do and what is the best option for you.

Why it is must to learn blogging properly?

Earlier blogging was in transition phase. Everything was in developing phase. Rules of content writing were not final. SEO was in making. Advertisers were lesser. Google Adsense was the one and only pay-per-click advertiser. So it was so easy to start a blog and learn a few things about it while managing a blog.

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But now everything is in its advance level. Content writing, search engine optimization, social media optimization and blog monetization have become fully fledge subjects with so many chapters of each.

Also everything about the above subjects is available free online. But everything is equally in abundance online. So here arises the choices of:

  • What to learn?
  • What to skip?
  • What to must learn?
  • What to learn first?
  • What to must skip?

It means for learning blogging properly one needs to learn it formally or on DIY basis. This I will discuss further.

How to learn blogging formally?

Learning blogging formally means:

  • Hiring a mentor to learn from him or
  • Subscribing an e-course to learn gradually with the right direction or
  • Buying a tutorial or ebook to learn it with accurate information

Here another question arises. Can you learn blogging formally without paying any fee?

In my point of view it is quite rare to learn it with right direction from any free stuff. Just imagine if someone would happily does hard labor to create a product which he has to offer free. No doubt he will but not that much hard work which he would very happily do for creating a product to sell and earn money with it.

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So a free product is always inferior to a high quality priced product. It means to learn blogging formally you have to pay money to buy any of the blogging products like this one.

Pros of learning of blogging formally

  • Chances of your success are higher after learning blogging formally as you would never deviate from the right track
  • You need not to waste your precious time to find everything and to decide which is right and which you should skip
  • You don’t have to wait for long to become a successful blogger by staying focused at whatever you have learnt formally
  • You will be able to earn money with your blog without much waiting and will stick to it and be a full-time blogger to make your living from it
  • Your focused activities will make you an authority and you need not to do much promotion of your products and services

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Cons of learning blogging formally

  • Risk of selection of an inappropriate is always there because of so many low quality products in the market
  • Once you learn blogging formally it is still likely you feel it is not your cup of tea and join another profession which means wasting of your time and resources
  • It is also likely that you be overconfident after becoming a trained blogger and not do that much hard work that is usually required to become a successful blogger

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How to learn blogging on DIY basis?

By following this method you need to spend more time and more energy and easily save your money by doing it yourself.

learn bloggingSo here you need to do comparison of time and energy which you have to spend with the money which you otherwise have to spend to learn it properly.

Convert the hours into hourly wages and then check in monetary terms what it cost to learn blogging on DIY basis. If it is very higher than the price of a product it is wise to skip this option and go for the learning it formally.

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Suppose per hour learning wages are 10 dollars.

If you spend four hours daily in five-days week to learn blogging by do-it-yourself in three months it means you spend 240 hours total and spend 2400 dollars to learn blogging with this methods.

So choice is yours if you want to go for this method or want to learn blogging formally by buying a product of maximum $500 that is easily available in the market.

Yes if you can’t afford to pay or don’t have money so the best option is to spend the thing which you have. Then obviously you have time and energies to learn it on do-it-yourself basis.

Under this method you simply have to read and remember free stuff on blogging as much as you can and then apply that info on your blog. If it works well adopt it otherwise keep searching more.

So there is no time limit how long you will become a successful blogger by following this method.

Pros of learning blogging on DIY basis

  • You will develop the habit of doing hard work
  • You will become a great scholar by doing extensive research and vast reading
  • By following this method consistently you can at least become a blogging coach to teach others what you read unnecessarily and what benefitted you a lot.
  • If you fail even then you can apply your knowledge to the profession which you will join after quitting it

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Cons of learning blogging on DIY basis

  • You will waste huge amount of time and energies which you could have otherwise utilized to do something more profitable.
  • It is not confirm you must succeed by following this method as so many people quit blogging just because they were trying this method and could not have gotten a proper guideline to do it successfully
  • Failing after doing a lot of hard work my lose your trust on the principle of hard work to achieve success
  • Your success after a long period of time will not put a good impression on others as people want to follow those who succeed in short period of time because people want fast results.

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So what do you say after reading this post? Do share your views with me especially on following two points.

  • What was your viewpoint about learning blogging before reading this post?
  • What is your viewpoint now after reading this post?

I am sure you will also reshare this post on social media to let your friends know if they should learn blogging formally or on do-it-yourself basis.

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