The smartest way to get approve Google Adsense account

google adsense accountGoogle Adsense is the oldest and most reliable source of monetizing your blog. Its method to pay is pay-per-click. It means whenever a visitor of your blog click on its ad you will get a small amount. This amount is mostly less than a dollar. Yes in case of a few highly paying keyword you can get far more than one dollar per click.

To get approve the Google Adsense account you need to meet its following key requirements apart from several others.

Your blog must:

  • Has fresh content not copied from anywhere?
  • Not have adult contents of purely porn nature
  • Has at least ten to fifteen quality article of reasonable length
  • Has posts not lesser than 400 words

To get approve Google Adsense account you should

  • Fill the form with true information about your blog
  • No boasting about the features of your blog because Google bots are very smart
  • No exaggeration while narrating anything about your blog
  • No contradiction in your personal details. For example if you mention your country name fake your IP address will contradict with it
  • Just provide information exactly, concisely and clearly

How to continue your Google Adsense account?

This is the most important task. It is easier to get approve Google Adsense account but to continue it is the heck of the task. The major precautionary measures to avoid cancellation of your account are:

  • Never click on your own ad
  • Google guys are so smart so never think to play any trick
  • Even never ask any person living miles away from your place of living to click on Google ads on your blog
  • Don’t place Google ads in a way as if they are your contents
  • Don’t put a heading on them quite different from their details
  • Don’t put them quite close to some other ads

How is Google Adsense in present times?

Remember Google Adsense is an awesome pay-per-click method of earning money with your blog. But you need a huge number of traffic on your blog to generate profit. It was so profitable a decade ago when competition was less. Whoever used to write awesome contents easily grabbed a huge number of visitors and earn money by it.

But now there are millions of blogs. There is stiff competition. It takes years to boost blog traffic to an ideal level. That is why it is not as much effective way of earning money as it used to be earlier.

So, do get approve its account but never relay on it to generate income from your blog. Here again follow the golden rule of monetization i.e don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Right?

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