How to start a blog on a strong foundation?


start a blogNot very long ago starting a blog was as easy as ABC. You needed to know technical aspect of how to start a blog. After that you had to simply publish contents with lot of keywords and promote it everywhere. That’s all.

But now there are millions of blogs. Every blog is fully optimized. Thousands of blogs have quality contents. Bloggers are consistently working hard. So how do you stand out with your blog in such a huge crowd? That is why now foundation of your blog counts a lot.

To start a blog you must have a winning strategy

To make a blog on strong foundation you need to thoroughly read:

  • Success stories of bloggers
  • Interviews of top bloggers
  • Tutorials and guides on how to become a successful blogger.

Stuff on the entire above topic is easily available on internet. Most of it is also free. So initially you collect all the free stuff and read it carefully. After that you get answer of following questions from them.

  • What are winning strategies of successful bloggers?
  • Which strategy most of the bloggers followed to become successful?
  • Which strategy is the most fit for you?

Don’t be confused with strategy. It is not like a war strategy. It is simply your priority list. What you will do with more focus and what you will just carry.

There are three components of a strategy to start a blog.

  • How to optimize organic traffic?
  • How to optimize referral traffic?
  • How to increase direct traffic?

These are the three vital components of a strategy. If you have loads of traffic on your blog you can earn money with whatever method most fit to your blog. Otherwise without huge traffic you will simply selling your products in an empty market.

So making a strategy to create a blog means how you answer the above questions. What is your priority source of traffic?

Organic traffic: You get organic traffic from search engines. You need to do extensive keyword research. This we will discuss in a subsequent tutorial. You should make smart SEO both on-page and off-page of your each post.

To earn money with Google Adsense and other similar options of PPC (cost per click) organic traffic is the best source of revenue.

Referral traffic: This type of traffic is acquired with social media, blog commenting, guest posting and article submission plus press release. In short all off-page SEO brings referral traffic.

To earn money with CPA (cost per action) and affiliates this type of traffic work well to achieve your monetization goals.

Direct traffic: This is the best option for selling your own products. It means the traffic that directly types URL of your blog in search window and reach at it. Main source of this type of traffic is your emails list that you generate by offering your first product for free in return of a valid email.

So your blog strategy is a combination of following three sub-strategies.

  • Content strategy
  • Traffic strategy
  • Monetization strategy

Our next topic is: How to do SEO for your blog?


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