How to start a blog with millions of visitors from day one?

It is possible practically to bring huge number of visitors on very first day after starting your blog.

It does not require any magic trick nor any previous homework to create a huge list or anything like this.

I will not test further your curiosity and tell here in the beginning what is that method to bring huge traffic on very first day after starting your blog.

This method is publishing an expert roundup post on a very hot topic that must be so interesting and people want to learn more and more on it.

Your very first post on your new blog as an expert roundup will not be an ordinary roundup post and it must have several objectives most fit for a startup.

If you already have a blog since long with a few visitors daily on it, even then you can boost your blog traffic by following these steps to bring millions of visitors on your blog with this method.

start a blogUsually a newbie or a struggling blogger wants;

  • People get influenced by first time visiting his blog and then keep coming back
  • People get impressed by the contents, layout and design of his blog so much so to share it on social media with their community
  • People happily subscribe his blog by accepting any offer of freebie that must have value for them
  • People notice that he is not an ordinary blogger and does have very clear vision of blogging
  • And the most important is people visit his blog’s first post in huge number.

So an expert roundup post must help you achieve your above objectives. For this purpose you need to look into design and layout of your blog and adopt a professional approach from the very beginning. You should not first put a free theme on your blog and then go for a premium theme.

To achieve the above objectives you need to invest a little more from the very first day because you want to start a blog with a big bang.

Also note that this is not the beginning era of blogging when people used to blog as hobby first and then go for making it professionally. Now everything is clear and every kind of guidance is available online to start your blog professionally from the very beginning.

Tips to start a blog professionally

So make the following decisions very professionally to start a blog and bringing huge traffic on its very first day to make it a big success from the very beginning.

Select niche with all its must-have

Select your niche after extensive research to pick the best one that must be your passion, must have huge demand in market and do have strong appeal for advertisers.

Domain name should be the perfect one

Create your domain that reflects your niche, must be easy to remember and very easy to pronounce and must not have any dual meaning to become a laughing-stock. Most importantly it should have big number of searches on internet or at least one word within the whole phrase of your domain should have high searches.

Hosting; don’t try to save a few bucks

Buy a reliable hosting that must have almost next to nothing downtime, professional customer support and it must offer a high-speed to get your blog rank higher. Such hosting is usually available at a little higher price so never try to save a few bucks and avoid going for a low quality hosting.

Say big NO to free theme

Buy a template that should be related to your niche of a high repute template company, should be fully optimized in terms of coding and speed both.

Right niche, perfect domain, quality hosting means strong base for blogging success

Create list from day one

Buy an email subscription plugin to convert your first time visitors into regular subscriber by creating a list because money is still in list and it will help you earn money.

The biggest regret of 90 percent successful bloggers is not creating list from their beginning

Start creating your first blog post

After doing the above tasks to create your blog it is now time to make planning for creating your expert roundup post as your first blog post.

The purpose of your first roundup post is to bring huge number of visitors on your blog

Select the topic

Topic of your roundup post should cover anything related to:

  • Starting of a blog,
  • Blogging future,
  • Must-have skills to manage a blog successfully
  • Changing shape of blogging or

Anything like this that shows the post is created by a startup. Also create a topic that should also work as a question that you would send to experts for a reply.

For example the exact topic of your roundup post should be:

  • How to start a blog that never fails?
  • How to create a blog that must achieve big success?
  • Three basic things that lead you to blogging success
  • How to never fail in make money blogging?
  • What is the sure-success package for starting a blog?

My gift for you

All the above topics are quite unique and are completely free for you. Pick your most favorite from them or pick the one and rephrase it according to your requirement. These topics are for you to get and create your expert roundup post on “first come first get” basis. J

In short do as much home work as possible to pick the best topic which you believe would be quite interesting for people because whoever would visit your blog will do that after getting impressed by its topic.

Select the experts from Klout

Selecting experts would be a little challenging for you especially if you haven’t have any blog before staring the new one. So search the influencers of your niche from Klout that shows the rank of experts at their profile. Request experts of higher Klout rank to participate in your roundup post.

One smart tip to select the experts

While picking the experts your purpose should not be to pick the number-one experts. Your purpose should be to pick those who have following on social media and people do come by reading their name in your roundup introduction.

start a blogAlso being a beginner it would be quite challenging to convince top experts join your roundup post. So aim to focus medium level experts who usually give their consent to take part in a roundup post. Do remember your purpose should not be to bring top class experts but to bring those who can reshare your post and bring huge number of traffic on it.

Usually medium level experts share your roundup mostly more than high level experts who already have passed this phase of getting pleasure on being published somewhere as expert.

Use hashtag to search experts

Another way is to write the main keywords of your roundup post’s topic by putting hashtag before it and put it in search window of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You would get all the posts shared by others and check who of them are focusing more on your topic and have more work on it. Make their list to contact further.

Google alert

Still you can go to Google Alert and write the topic of your post to get all the posts published on it and create the list of writers or admin bloggers of those posts. So you have now three lists made from

  • Klout
  • Social media hashtag
  • Google alert.

Request experts to inaugurate your blog

Now the main task is to request all bloggers of your list to participate in your roundup post. Create a message with a request to experts for inaugurating your blog by participating in your first post.

This would influence them strongly that you want them to inaugurate your blog. Send your request by messaging them directly to their inbox, by inboxing them on social media and finally sending the message through Contact us page on their blog.

Golden tip to make 100 experts inaugurate your blog

Give them a date till then they can send you their reply of your question of roundup post. Also tell them the maximum length of their reply that depends upon the nature of your question.

Check the response

If you send the request to 100 experts usually you would get at least 50 per cent response. So try to pick as much experts as possible because being startup your aim should be to create quantity and quality both. People would be impressed by seeing huge number of experts taking part in your round.

Compile their opinion

Once you receive their replies simply put them in alphabetical order and never try any other order like length of reply or quality of reply.

start a blogBeing a startup it would be riskier for you to arrange their reply other than alphabetical order because it may annoy someone who you put in the end.

Do formatting

Now you have complete contents and you need to put image and blog URL of each participant to give intro of each to your readers.

Announce with a trick

Inform all participants of roundup post the date of its publishing. Also make an announcement on social media to inform your friends and followers the list of experts who would be inaugurating your blog on a given date and time.

Hit the publish button

Publish your post and soon after it share on your main pages of social media and then keep sharing them on all groups and forums related to topic of your roundup post.

Email the experts

Send an email to all experts one by one by addressing each one individually with his name to thank him and also mention the URL of your post to invite him read it and reshare on social media.

Tag experts on social media

Share the roundup post by tagging all who have participated in it and cover as much social media as possible.

Create PDF

Create the PDF of roundup post and offer as a freebie to make visitors become your email subscriber with your email subscription tool

Keep sharing

Finally keep sharing excerpt of each expert on social media to invite more and more readers. The expert whose excerpt you share will reshare it and this will give you second push to your post on social media.

Or hire a roundup post creator

If you can’t create expert roundup by your own or don’t have much time still you can create the one by hiring a blogger who create such post on payment.

I know two amazing bloggers who create expert roundup on reasonable fee and they are Minuca Elena and Codrut Turcanu.

So this is all about how to start a blog with a big bang by bringing huge traffic on your very first blog post and making visitors your regular subscriber.

How did you find this idea? Do you have any other idea to start a blog with huge traffic on its very first day? Do share with us to help us learn more on it.

I am sure you would also reshare it on social media to help others fully exploit this idea.

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