Do you want to start a blog? Or you have one but don’t know how to make it successful.

This tutorial has complete step-by-step solutions for all your blogging problems.

Just read them one by one and become a successful blogger with consistency and smart work. Best of luck!

Know well before starting a blog?

  1. What is blogging and what you need to know about it?
  2. How and what to research for starting a blog?
  3. Why a self-examination before making a blog?
  4. What are common blogging goals and which ones should be yours?

Just before starting a blog

  1. What you need to do just before you create a blog?
  2. How much you should invest to make a blog?
  3. What is niche and how to select the best one for your blog?
  4. What is domain name and how to select the best one for your blog?
  5. How to choose an ideal blog name?
  6. How to select the best hosting for your blog?
  7. How to select the best blogging platform and why?
  8. How to select from the best blog themes for your WordPress blog?
  9. What is an ideal blog design and why?

Start a blog

  1. How to create a blog without any confusion?
  2. How to start a blog on a strong foundation?

Soon after starting a blog

  1. How to do SEO of your blog?
  2. How to develop back links for you blog?
  3. How to do keyword research for writing contents on your blog?
  4. Types of blog contents and which one is the best
  5. How to write a blog post that must go viral?
  6. How to make infographics for your blog?
  7. How to make a podcast for your blog?
  8. How to make a video for your blog?
  9. What is an ideal frequency of blog posting?
  10. How to develop networking with pro bloggers and why?

After starting a blog

  1. How to do on-page SEO of you blog?
  2. How to do off-page SEO of your blog in present times?
  3. How to promote your blog on social media?
  4. Top 3 social media platforms for your blog promotion
  5. 4 methods to monetize your blog
  6. What is the best monetization strategy for you blog?
  7. Top 5 rules for money blogging
  8. How to get approved Google Adsense account?
  9. How to get approved BuySellAds account?
  10. Top 5 evergreen affiliates
  11. How to earn money with affiliates?
  12. How to write a product review?
  13. How to develop your own product?
  14. How to sell your own product on blog?
  15. How to write an ebook and sell it like hotcake?
  16. How to develop an e-course for your blog?

After one year of starting a blog

  1. How to review performance of your blog after one year?
  2. How to modify your blogging strategy after one year
  3. How to take your blog to the next level?