Starting a blog? Wait! Do you have these 10 qualities?

Thousands and thousands of blogs are being added in blogosphere every day. Its count will be increasing just because now starting a blog is not so difficult. To make it a successful blog is damn difficult but not impossible.

So it is wise to first thoroughly examine yourself before starting a blog in 2017. Otherwise your blog will be simply an addition in the list of millions of blogs but will hardly be in a small list of successful blogs.

Before starting a blog what to examine in you

There are several qualities one need to have to become a successful blogger. So before starting a blog do check how many of them you have. If you have not many still no worries. You can build them in you by following the tips of this post.

starting a blog6 inborn qualities you need to have for starting a blog

You cannot create inborn qualities. These are by default in you. They make the foundation for your success. Without them you don’t necessarily fail but you can’t be winner all the times.

Sometimes you fail and sometimes succeed. So you must examine if you have these inborn qualities in you.

1. Intelligence

You need to understand everything at a faster pace in blogging because online world is so fast. Things are changing fast here.

So you should have quality of picking a new concept or trend rapidly. Then you can apply that quality in your blogging to keep pace with others.

2. Creativity

In blogging to compete with others creativity is your most effective tool to make you different. If you simply perform no one would notice you.

You have to bring something new for your readers. Else they would take your blog just another blog.

3. Desire to help others

Blogging is a business. And business means helping others. So you should have urge to help others. If you think “so what if people are facing any problem”, then you need not to be a blogger.

4. Competitiveness

Daily millions of blog posts are created. It shows how stiff competition is in this field. If you are a self-contented kind of person you will remain a mediocre blogger.

So you must have unshakable desire to be on the top of the list. Nothing should be your upper limit of success.

5. Optimism

starting a blogIf you see a glass with half water in it as half-empty you should review your decision to start a blog. Optimist people mostly succeed in this world because they see positive aspect of a thing. So you need to see a glass with half water as half-filled.

6. Perseverance/Passion

You must have observed few kids never give up while doing anything. They look stubborn but it is their habit of never giving up.

It is not hard labor that leads you to the highway to success. It is actually hard and continuous labor that is key to success.

3 ways to offset any lacking in inborn qualities

It is not possible a person born in this world without intelligence or with zero creativity. Every person has more or less inborn qualities. The good news is that you can improve your inborn qualities if you really want so.

You can improve them:

1. With practice

Practice makes a man perfect. It is a universal rule to become expert in any field. It is unwise to assume that you can do a chore perfectly. First test literally if you can really do it and then believe yes now you are its expert.

2. By following others

You may observe several people who in the beginning didn’t have these qualities. But with their consistency they acquired these qualities.

For example many people convert their pessimism into optimism by making more and more positive people as their friends.

starting a blogSo just look at others how they covered their lacking in these inborn qualities. Then follow their way and improve yourself.

3. By learning

You can visit personal development blogs to build these inborn qualities. There are many personal growth blogs that guide you for free to be an effective person in your field.

4 acquired qualities you should have for starting a blog

These are qualities you can develop in you with your experience, hard work and education. Some people develop them massively and become genius while others simply acquire these qualities to get the things done and not to do any miracle. That is why people are either above-average or average.

7. Reading and writing habit

This is the basic thing to develop qualities of problem solving, proper guiding and troubleshooting that are the highly required qualities in blogging.

8. Art of presentation

You should present the garbage in a way it seems as if it is a treasure. This is called the art of presentation. Being blogger you must have skills of presenting your contents to impress your readers. Your presentation style should help them to get more and more from your blog.

starting a blog9. Decision power

What to write when and what to offer whom are the most crucial decisions you need to take in blogging very frequently. So you need to develop your decision power to do your best in your every blogging chore.

10. Convincing power

If you can’t convince you can’t convert that means you can’t sell. 99 per cent bloggers’ main goal is to sell their products, services and ideas to make money. If they can’t convince they can’t succeed in blogging.

4 ways to polish your acquired qualities

Your acquired qualities also need improvement to become invincible. Else someone else would replace you and you would just be nobody in blogosphere.

1. Start reading and writing from today

No huge plans are required for reading and writing. Just read about your niche and write on your niche to become authority of your niche.

The only recipe to keep writing is keep reading. While in blogging writing should be your passion especially if you can’t outsource writing job.

2. Check how others present their viewpoint

Observe other successful bloggers; not their way of living but their way of blogging and keep their record to follow in your initial days of blogging. After that you can develop your own style.

Do check how they present their ideas and information on their blog. Do they simply write and write or take help of visual contents as well.

If they diversify their contents with a lot of support contents like videos, podcast or infographics. If so, how they make a good mix of all these contents to make their blog stand out from the crowd.

3. Make small decisions quicker

Don’t make haste in making a decision but never try to make your decision the last decision of your life. Take it easy to decide and apply all your senses fast to implement it quickly.

starting a blogIn the beginning make small decisions and be stick to them. By and by you would easily make big decisions without any lack of confidence.

4. Convince your friends to be good and do well

This will help you improve your convincing power. First convince others just for the sake of convincing them and after that do it to meet your objectives.

Make habit of convincing your friends to work hard and be away from procrastination. So their response would let you know how much convincing power you have.

So these are a few qualities you need to have for starting a blog and become a successful blogger. You can improve all your qualities with practice and just practice.

What you are thinking. It isn’t a long-term plan. Most of these qualities you already have. Just examine them before starting a blog.

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