Who succeed mostly in blogging; part-timers or full-timers?

People do blogging on part-time or full-time basis.

The purpose of this post is not to examine which one is the best. It actually aims to let your know who are most successful. So first see how many the most successful bloggers are; part-timers or full-timers.

There are millions of blogs. Their number is rising every day. It is said even in each second a few blogs are added to the total count. It is enough to tell how many blogs are on blogosphere.

It is also confirmed that out of them only 3 per cent are successful. It means 3 per cent are fully achieving their objectives.

It is not necessary that objective of all of them is money-making. But the aim of more than ninety per cent of them is money-making. So all the 3 per cent successful blogs are making money, right?

Is it possible a person earn huge money with a part-time venture? Even if he is doing, he will make it his full-time profession. It means all the successful bloggers are full-time bloggers.

Blogging success examples

part and full time bloggingStill you need not worry. One question is still unanswered. How many of them started full-time blogging from the very beginning?

If you pick top ten bloggers of the world, almost all of them have started full-time blogging from the day one. But if you pick the top 100 blogs almost sixty of them have first started part-time blogging with their day job and then fully focused on it.

Choice for youngsters

So it is wise to start a blog as part-time work and then make it full-time if you manage to earn full-time income with it. Here again an exception is acceptable. If you are so young and don’t have any financial responsibility you should go straight away for a full-time venturing.

Choice for those who have to pay bills

If you have to pay bills, why you should earn with a source that you don’t want to continue forever? Why don’t you put all your energies for the job which you enjoy most? Sooner or later you will earn from it and till then you will also be able to pay bills of your daily expenses.

So people with financial responsibility should start part-time then go for full-time if they earn with it. Youngsters should start a blog and give full-time to it and become a successful blogger after consistent hard work.

Examine yourself first

But before going for any type of blogging you must examine if you really love it. Do you have all the skills required for it? Otherwise just on the basis of your secured job you should not start a blog on part-time basis. It will be wastage of your time if you don’t have any interest in it.

Bitter truth

Now let’s come to the bitter truth about this field. It is widely known how many blogs are started daily. It is also so common info that there are millions of blogs and they are rising fast. Even it is also a known to all that a few of them succeed. But no one knows how many blogs are closed daily. How many have been closed so far. It shows their number might be so big and can’t be traced into a piece of info.

But never make it a rule and see the positive side. Just look around you the most successful bloggers and successfully struggling bloggers. They must be sufficient to keep your passion up and you will become a pro blogger with your smartly done hard work.

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