Top 5 blog comment mistakes and how to avoid them

Making comments on other blogs is a good way to get back links. If your blog has more do-follow back links it will get higher page rank. Do-follow back link means the one that is acceptable to Google for ranking a blog.

So it is good to first check out those blogs that offer do-follow comments to let you drop your link with your comments. You can search blogs with do-follow back links with It is free and you even don’t need to register before using it.

5 blog comment mistakes

Now after lot of changes in off page SEO simply getting a do-follow back link with your comment is not sufficient to improve your page rank. The quality of your comments equally counts a lot. So it is good to avoid these 5 blog comment mistakes and get higher page rank.

Too short comments

Comments of one or two sentences will not serve your purpose now. So forget commenting for the sake of commenting. It was right in the initial period of blogging era. But now simply one or two sentence will go unnoticed by both Google and other commentators who might visit your blog after having impressed by your opinion.

Boring lengthy comments

comment mistakesMany writers do this mistake. They write everything that comes into their mind. That is why they drop so lengthy comments.

So the blog owner instead of going into its details, evaluate its worth by reading a few sentences. He instead of doing lot of hard work to edit it, just junks it to save his time and energy.

Irrelevant comments

After reading a post you need to comment on that post. If you talk about other things it will show as if post was not impressive enough to make you write something about it. It will be a sort of insult of post writer. So avoid this embarrassing way of commenting and just stick to the topic of the post.

Over-smart comments

Many bloggers glance at the post and re-write a cool paragraph of the post as comment. It used to work in the past but now everyone knows this art. A smart blogger will surely delete a comment that is verbatim of an idea of his own post in a different language.

Buttery comments

Never lift the heaven while praising a post. It will imply as if you have set paragraphs to drop everywhere as comments to get a back link. So make full justice with your views and equally highlight any lacking or shortcoming in the post to make your comments balanced.

So these are the five blog comment mistakes and how to avoid them. Keep taking care of these points while dropping your comments on other blogs and one day you will be quite good in this art.

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