Top 5 blog comments reply mistakes

Visitors comment on a blog if it offers value to them. They appreciate the quality of contents, services and guidance a blog provides to them. Usually visitors comment after reading a blog post. They express their views on blog contents by:

  • Appreciating it
  • Criticizing its contents and design
  • Adding value in a post they read
  • Asking something more to read

Smart reply to blog comments

Smart bloggers reply to their blog comments with a purpose. Their purpose usually is:

  • To appreciate commentators on commenting
  • To influence commentators
  • To bring commentators again on their blog
  • To benefit them and convert them as subscriber
  • To thank them just hoping to get them back

The main objective of replying blog comments is to ultimately convert commentators as customers. It can’t be done just by replying once. It needs time and you need to give special attention to each commentator and give more attention to regular commentators.

While replying blog comments you need to avoid these 5 mistakes.

Harsh reply of criticism

blog commentsYour blog means your business. If you lose temper while replying any criticism you and only you will suffer from it. Your critic will not come back on your blog after getting your harsh reply. So think in long-term. Do reply the criticism but in a congenial way. Instead of replying, just try to correct the misperception of the commentator on a given issue. This you can do if you have more knowledge on a given issue. So keep learning and becoming an authority in your niche.

Flattering reply of blog comments

Never let anyone understand the real motive of your appreciating others. If you can’t, you will fail to achieve your objective of praising someone. So never reply as if you are just flattering the commentator. Do praise him but in a realistic way. Praise what he deserves. No exaggeration. Otherwise you will be famous as flatterer and not the marketer. You need to market what you sell with every method you have.

Stereotyped reply

Avoid using same language in your each reply. It will give an impression of monotony. Commentators may presume you have already developed set of replies and you just paste them with a little change. So reply each comment afresh by referring the matter of a given comment.

Hectic reply

Don’t come to the point quickly while replying. If you want to direct commentator towards another your post first tell him why you want to do that. Otherwise he may assume you are selling while replying comments, which is not good in internet marketing. Reply just for the sake of thanking and benefiting the commentator more.

Reply with a small post

Many bloggers write a lengthy reply just to show how devoted they are. Comment means informal conversation. So let it be so. Don’t write lengthy comments as if it’s a small post. Your commentator may decide not to comment again after reading your lengthy reply. So remain concise to benefit him maximum without wasting the time of your readers.

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