Top 5 contact form mistakes

Contact form is the most effective tool to hear what your readers are saying. It is used to let readers contact you for any query related to your blog. It is also used to receive guest post, press release or any other information which you want from them. That is why it is a multipurpose tool to listen to your readers.

There are several plug-ins of contact form for WordPress blog. The best five are:

Apart from WP plug-ins, there are several online third-party contact forms available for free. You can put them on any blogging platform including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr. Top five of them are:

  • Kontactr
  • EmailMeForm
  • 123ContactForm
  • Wufoo
  • Response-o-Matic

5 contact form mistakes

There are 5 common contact form mistakes which should be avoided while using any type of contact form.

Too many queries

contact form mistakesIt is the rule of communication to ask your readers to the point. It also depends upon the information they want to get.

If your reader wants to ask you about your blog then he should also give his email to make you get back to him. He also needs to give his name.

If the query has any geographical importance then he should also mention where he lives.

But no any unnecessary information should be sought from the readers. It will irk them and instead of using a contact form they will just keep silence on the issue which they want to ask. In this way process of communication will remain one-sided or they give their opinion in comment section of your post. It will be a comment irrelevant to your post and you may have to delete it from there.

Too little queries

It is equally not good to get incomplete information from the one who contacted your for a purpose. So put the sufficient columns to get the complete information from contact person. For common queries related to your blog or pointing any mistake in your content you must have the columns of name and email address of the person who contacts you.

Confusing title

Just to innovate the things many blogger give very unique title to each query just to impress others. It is not wise to put the heading “Have Your Say” instead of Give Your Opinion. It may be confusing for those who want to contact you.

Lengthy list of terms and conditions

Many bloggers put a lengthy list of terms and conditions to meet before contacting them. This should be very concise and to the point. Just write those terms that are must to fulfill before contacting you.

No deadline for response

If you don’t mention when the reply of the query will be made your reader may drop the same query for several times. So mention the time or request him to wait for a while because of lengthy queue of already submitted queries.

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