Top 5 email subscription mistakes


email subscriptionEmail subscription is an awesome method to make a strong base of regular visitors of your blog. To sell a product you can email directly to all your email subscribers marketing them its benefits. You can also inform them of an update on your blog.

Email subscribers are made with various techniques including:

  • Offering a free digital product of ebook, video series or system to solve your niche-related problem of your readers
  • Promising to send each update on your blog directly into mailbox of each subscriber
  • Offer a free membership to a forum or group where niche-related products can be purchased on discount

There are many free and premium plug-ins of email subscription to put on your blog for making email subscribers. Top 10 WP email subscription widgets are:

  • Welcome gate (free)
  • Optin skin (premium)
  • AWeber web form plugin (free)
  • Pippity (premium)
  • WP Subscriber magnet (premium)
  • Hellobar (free and premium)
  • Subscribe to Download for WordPress (premium)
  • Popup domination (premium)
  • Optin crusher (free)
  • Mail list (free)

Managing email subscription

By offering a freebie with the help of a free or premium plug-in you can get a huge number of subscribers. But you can’t manage them manually. They may be in thousands and even hundreds of thousands. You can neither manage them nor send them email in one-go to all. For this purpose there are top 2 services available to do this job.

  • MailChimp (free or premium)
  • Awber (premium)

We have already discussed this topic here.

So we now come to the main topic of top 5 email subscription mistakes.

Lot of freebies

Many bloggers offer several freebies in one package to get email subscription by visitors. It may put visitors in confusion. They don’t want a huge download and need only one item from the whole package. So clearly understand what your readers want and offer the best freebie. If it works, fine. Else try the second one. In this way you can point out the freebie that gets highest number of email subscribers. Keep placing it on your blog to increase your email subscribers.

Bothering interested visitors

If a visitor is interested to be your email subscriber welcome him practically. It means give him every facility while going through the subscription process. Guide him what to do at every stage. Initially he needs to submit his name and email in a form. After that he gets an autoresponder by your email subscription manager to confirm email address by clicking the link. Finally he receives link of the freebie to download. Make this complete setting from admin panel of your email subscription manager.

Hollow promises

If you promise to give several benefits to your readers it may sound unbelievable. So make a few promises which don’t seem hollow.

Lengthy process

If you ask your would-be email subscribers to submit several information and keep clicking on various links they will discontinue in the middle. So keep the whole process of becoming email subscribers simple and short.

Making delay

If you don’t set an autoresponder after a visitor becomes email subscriber of your blog never delay to send a manual welcoming email. Tell him what and when he will get the things which you have promised in your offer.


  1. Karnal Singh says

    Having a big subscription list is really great…I realised this recently when my traffic from google search came down significantly…regular visitors from subscription has helped me a lot…You have given useful tips for increasing this list..

    • Mimuba says

      @Karnal Singh: It’s an oft-repeated tip that never put all your eggs in one basket. It does apply in traffic sources as well. Email list is the surest way to sell with your blog.
      Thanks a lot for your awesome words. Hope to see you here more.

  2. Arun Kallarackal says

    Some very grave mistakes you have listed here. Anyone all set to build an email subscription list should go through this article before jumping into the mail list bandwagon. I guess the mistakes discussed in this article should be avoided right from the start, if possible.

    As you said, giving away lots of freebies as a bait to catch subscribers will only backfire! :) Giving away freebies is good. But it shouldn’t be done in excess!

    Personally, find the lengthy process part to be the major turnoff, in fact the biggest one. Sometimes, I happen to see such forms which have unnecessary fields, filling which takes much time. This turns me off easily!

    Good write up. :)


    • Mimuba says

      Hey Arun Kallarackal; thanks for stopping by and sharing your deep knowledge on email subscription campaign. Exactly our email campaign should be in right direction from the day one. Being blogger we can’t afford to correct its direction after getting a huge list with irrelevant emails.
      Once again thanks a lot for sharing your views and hope to see you again.

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