Top 5 evergreen affiliates for money blogging

Evergreen affiliates mean online brokers of products and services with highest number of offers. Their offers never shrink. The other way round they keep expanding.

What affiliates do?

They help sell the online products and services of businesses on payment of a fee. From their fee they pay to publishers their fixed commission. Publisher means bloggers and website owners.

Bloggers, social media owners and social media geeks work as online marketers of affiliate products and services.

How to select an affiliate to market its products on your blog?

This is the most concerned question of this post. Products and services are sold on a blog on the basis of PPC (pay-per-click) or CPA (cost per action). Affiliates products are sold on CPA. Once a person buys a product on your recommendation you earn a commission. So it is wise to select an affiliate that:

  • Offers huge number of products and services
  • Has your niche-related products and services
  • Has huge number of best seller products and services to sell them easily
  • Has a regular frequency of payment of your commission
  • His mode of payment works in your country

evergreen affiliatesTop 5 evergreen affiliates

There are hundreds of affiliate programs on internet. But the most reliable and with huge number of offers are not so many. So it is wiser to select the best ones among them and work with them on consistent basis.

According to number of products and popularity of their offers the five evergreen affiliates are:

Google Affiliate Network: It has not so high number of offers but it is growing fast. Its payment schedule is monthly and pays through check. Presently its total offers are 800.

Amazon Associates: It has unlimited offers. It is the most popular affiliate program. It also pays on monthly basis. It has highest number of best seller products and services. I strongly recommend going for it.

ClickBank: It is also another popular program with almost 10,000+ offers. Its payment procedure is also regular. Its most of the offers have highest credibility in online market.

Commission Junction: It is another fast growing affiliate program with more than 1500 offers. Its credibility in terms of quality of service is above-board.

LinkShare: It is also another one of the promising evergreen affiliates with 1000 plus offers. Being expanding program its services are of high quality.

Do check all their terms and conditions and product range of your niche before marketing their offers on your blog. Keep changing the affiliates is not good in long-term. So pick the best three out of these five evergreen affiliates and develop a strategy to market them.

In next post we will discuss How to earn money with affiliates?

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