Top 5 guest post offer mistakes


guest postGuest post means to get publish your post on another blog in return of a back link to your blog. You don’t get any money for this. A few blogs offer to publish guest post on payment but they may refuse to give a back link to your blog.

The common aim of a guest post is to get back link. If you have more back links of your blog its page rank will move higher. So it is necessary to avoid these five common guest post offer mistakes to get published on other blogs.

Dropping offer casually

Many bloggers simply show their interest to write a post on another blog with a few lines of email. This is one of the worst guest post mistakes. No blogger will be impressed of an offer of few lines in a casual tone. It shows you don’t have a proper plan but just dropping your offer to get it either accepted or rejected.

Guest post offer campaign

It is also one of the serious mistakes under review. Many newbie bloggers develop an impressive offer and send it to several bloggers without any separate address and salutation tag. It shows as if they are making a campaign to get as much back link chances as possible.

It is must to make your each offer specific to the blogger who you are addressing. At the top of your email you should mention his name. In initial paragraph you need to also refer the name of his blog and its a few exact features.

Offer without reading requirements

Every blogger clearly mentions his guest post requirements in a separate section on his blog. You need to carefully read and then examine if you can fulfill them. Never expect if you don’t fulfill all the requirements you may be published. If you can’t meet all requirements don’t make it a try and search another opportunity.

Offer without outlines

Many bloggers drop an offer simply with the title of the post. Receiver fails to understand what will be its matter. So it is necessary to develop outlines of your post and send it with your offer. If you don’t want to share the idea then you can simply mention the objectives of your post with a few subheadings.

Multiple offers

It makes the receiver double-minded to accept which one and reject which one. Accepting both of them may be not feasible for him. So don’t put the others in a trial. Simply drop one offer in exact terms. After you publish then send the next offer if you want to publish twice on same blog.


  1. says

    Hi Mimuba,

    Informative post indeed :)

    Yes, most bloggers commit the mistakes you mentioned. Honestly speaking, I’ve hardly guest posted anywhere other than on 3 blogs until now and that too people invited me and got after me to write for them, which I did because I knew them. Just never have the time to guest post :)

    But I can relate to what you mentioned because of the numerous guest post offers I get on my blog from bloggers, even though it’s very clearly stated and told that guest authors are personally invited, but only those who are regular blog community members of my blog, so I have to sadly reject all such offers, which are either not focused or related to the niche or category on my blog, or they want dofollow links, which one cannot give now with Google changing their ways daily.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Mimuba says

      @Harleena Singh: Thanks a lot. Sorry to be blunt but I would say you are telling lie that your only a few guest posts published so far. This you are looking from the place where you are standing in blogosphere. Come to the place of your readers, followers and fans including this humble soul; I can bet most of them take your each comment as a post and I can say without a doubt that you are renowned in blogosphere equally because of your awesome and very encouragingly written informative comments. Many pro bloggers did refer you as a case study in their posts related to commenting on other blog. Once again thanks for sparing a few moments from your busy schedule to comment here, hoping to keep getting your guidance ahead. :-)

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