Top 5 guest post writing mistakes and how to correct them

Guest post is still so effective to make your blog popular. If you write awesomely on someone else blog you get a new audience. Now it’s up to you how many of them become your friends. How many of them become your fans. How many of them become your followers. It all depends upon what value you offer to them with your blog.

It means with your blog post you impress people gradually. But with a guest post you can impress the huge audience of another blog. So here if you make a mistake you will lose a huge chunk of the audience of that blog. So always try to write for other blogs more effectively then you write for your own blog. Rather I would say write more impressively than you do for your blog.

5 guest post writing mistakes

So always avoid these 5 guest post writing mistakes to never miss the chance of impressing a huge audience with one post.

Creating a misfit

Your post does not look a strange thing on another blog. So forget you are writing for your own blog. Even forget you are writing for a blog similar to yours. Just keep in mind the blog you are writing for. Its design, its contents, its mood, its popularity, its audience and its administrator’s style should be clear in your mind. Even you can write with an impression as if you just joined that blog as a content writer.

Hidden in crowd

guest post writingCompletely following the guest post requirements is good. But never write in a tone one can’t differentiate if it is your post or the one by its admin. So keep your voice with the crowd but never lose your identity.

You can be part of the crowd but must not be missing in the crowd. Right. So always hold up your identity but never try to look differently weirdly.

No knocking

Many bloggers do guest post writing just to get a back link. Now it won’t work. Maybe Google won’t consider a back link obtained with guest post. So just focus on impressing the audience of another blog. Make your voice heard.

Never stick to the topic from the beginning to the end. Speak about you or your blog between the lines. Make them feel who you are. Make them understand how smart you are. Just refer your any big achievement so skillfully. Do this while never letting anyone understands your trick.

Very chummy

Instead of impressing them many guest poster irritate the readers. Their effort becomes counterproductive. So try to avoid getting chummy with them. Avoid being so close to the audience. Keep a distance and impress them by benefiting a lot with your contents.

Leaving no whereabouts

If someone comes to you and give you lot of benefits what you would want from him. You want to meet him again. So after giving a lot of value to audience of another blog, leave the most convenient whereabouts of yours to help them meet you again. Drop your social media links as much as you are allowed by the blog admin.

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