Top 5 mistakes related to selection of a blog niche

Your niche means where you are quite comfortable. It may be a small topic or a vast subject.

Your blog niche means where you and your blog both are comfortable. You can write well on it and your blog can sell well on it.

In simpler term a good blog niche means you are passionate of it and people love to buy products related to it. It is not so common that both things happen but you have to search the one where you are maximum passionate and it can equally sell well. If this is the success formula to select your niche then why do most of the bloggers fail? One of the main reasons is selection of a wrong niche.

Here are top 5 mistakes to select your blog niche

Craze instead of passion

blog nicheYou may be crazy about several things. You may be crazy to dance, to sing, to party, go out and blah blah. But you are passionate about a few things. This you can’t differentiate and pick a topic for which you are crazy and not passionate.

Many teens simply pick an entertainment niche but fail to produce value in it. They just enjoy watching movies but don’t have passion to produce movies. So this is the main mistake of selecting your blog niche.

Blog niche that follows present time

Whatever is hot you take it as your niche. May be you have passion for it but this is influenced passion. You think about a topic because all are dying for it. This is not the real passion. This is assumed passion that is actually just influence of your friends.

Like a hot cake

Sometimes a topic is your niche but it fails to sell after a few months. Actually you pick it because it was selling during the days when you selected it. Its demand was for the time being. Everyone knows top 5 soccer players during the season of world cup.

But after that simply genuine soccer lovers remember them. So don’t pick a niche just because it has a short-lived demand. Or if you had picked a niche of DC pager in early 90s your blog would have died long ago. Now it is completely an obsolete technology.

Niche in transition

There are several niches which are always in transition. If your niche was laptop now you need to transform it into Ipad. God knows what it will be tomorrow. Pick the one that has certain consistency and you need not to change your product range again and again. This is an unfelt mistake in selection of your niche.

Contradictory niche

Some niches are controversial and you can’t expand your business with them. For example if your blog is on any bold topic it won’t be popular in a conservative society. You will reach to your earning saturation point quite earlier. You then need not to tap your niche market further. That is why don’t pick a niche which has a limited market.

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    September 30, 2014
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