Top 5 navigation mistakes on your blog

In blogging, navigation means guiding your visitors where they can get more value on your blog.

You may guide visitors where should they go simply with words. But this method doesn’t work well because a visitor first read on your blog a post for which he arrived. After that he looks here and there to go somewhere else on your blog. He does this if he is impressed by reading the post on your blog which he clicked first.

You can guide him where he should go further. You should not guide him by simply putting the next and previous post after the end of each post. It can be part of the navigation but not the complete one.

The basic purpose of navigation is to hold visitors on your blog for more time. You want to hold visitors on your blog to make him read more and more valuable stuff. This you do because you want to convert visitors into your customers.

So with the facility of navigation you want to increase your sales. Maybe you want to impress your visitors and make them regular subscribers of your blog. Then the final stage comes where you convince him to be your customer by buying your offers.

navigation mistakesTherefore navigation covers up any shortcoming in your contents. If someone is not impressed by your given content you simply show him another way to get the value.

This is just like a shopkeeper who displays a product to his customer. If he feels his customer is not impressed by the product then he shows the second product.

Then third, then fourth and ultimately customer buys the product. Same happens on your blog. So, easy navigation means an efficient salesman of your blog.

5 navigation mistakes

It is necessary to avoid these 5 navigation mistakes to convert visitors into your regular customers.

Not their favorite

Don’t guide visitors to contents which you created with a lot of hard work. First divert them to the contents which they like. You can assess what people like with the help of keyword research. So guide them first to the contents of highly searched keywords.

Leaving them alone

Keep helping your visitors at every step. If they go to a wrong place guide them where they should go. Error 404 is its example. Never forget to guide visitors from 404 page to your home page. If you have anything free to offer you can also mention it on your 404 page.

So never leave your visitors alone. Also never leave them with one choice. Do offer several choices to pick the best one. Every visitor has different taste and liking. Right?

Making haste

Many bloggers make haste and directly offer anything to visitors for buy. Take your each visitor as your unique visitor. He came on you blog first time. So first show how you are helping your readers. How you are doing a lot of free services. Then guide him for the products or services you offer on sale.

Making crowd

This is another extreme behavior of navigation. You simply move your readers here and there. He gets confused and thinks better to quit.

So never make crowd of your freebie and free contents. Simply guide him to the best ones. After that show him what you offer for sale. If it’s on sidebar put it at a prominent place. Do full justice with its design and showcasing.

No that’s all

Never show an impression as if you are saying that’s all. Keep showing more and more value on your blog. There are several widgets to enhance navigation. Select the best one from them and keep guiding your visitors to say it’s still a lot for your benefit on my blog.

For easy navigation you should place following widgets must on your blog:

  • Navigation bar below or above your header
  • Top posts in side bar
  • Top 5 to 10 posts’ excerpt on home page
  • Recent posts
  • Archive
  • Categories
  • Tag cloud
  • Related posts
  • Previous and next posts
  • Featured posts
  • Freebies in side bar
  • For sale in sidebar and below each post

How many of above widgets you need to put on your blog? It depends upon volume of your contents. If your contents are several hundred then place several navigation widgets. But equally show prominently what you offer for sale.

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Pro Bloggers Secret Formula To
Earn Money With Your Blog

I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.