Top 5 social media mistakes and how to avoid them

Social media has now become an important source to optimize your blog contents. Earlier search engine optimization was the main source for this purpose. But Google give more importance to quality in SEO instead of quantity which it used to do in the past. That is why social media obtained a higher position to promote the blog contents.

5 social media mistakes

So being a blogger you need to avoid these 5 social media mistakes while taking its benefit.

Promotion without preparation

Usually bloggers register their accounts on various social media and start sharing their posts on them. They don’t make impressive timeline and profile of their each social media account. So readers don’t note their presence and take their accounts simply personal accounts.

Social media accounts of a blog should have a professional look. They must reflect the image of their blog. Otherwise very few people on social will note your blog.

Promotion with the speed of fire

social media mistakesThis is another one of the important social media mistakes where bloggers follow an extreme approach. They share whatever they get. They don’t maintain quality. As a result other people skip their each share just considering it another add-on and nothing else. So never compromise on quality. One quality sharing daily is better than several posts of different level of quality.

Contradiction in profile

There are several social media platforms. Many bloggers develop their profile on each account differently. Somewhere they highlight their blogging experience more. At some other places they give more space to their past struggle for success. It shows your inconsistency about yourself. So avoid this contradiction and make profile of each account almost same.

Crowd of accounts

This is another one of the biggest social media mistakes. Many bloggers open accounts on almost all social media. After that they fail to manage all of them and just share their posts and that’s all.

Remember social media activity is always two-way. No one will like or reshare your posts if you don’t do the same for others’ share. So select top 3 social media accounts and spend a little time on it. Be familiar with others on them. Appreciate others sharing, like them, comment on them and make them feel your presence.

Without strategy

It is sin to work without any strategy. On social media you will never take any benefit if you don’t have a strategy. Your basic goal should be to promote your blog’s posts and bring traffic on it. But ultimately your aim should be to create your blog community with the help of social media.

For this purpose you need to develop a schedule. It defines what to share, what to discuss and what to reveal on your different social media accounts. This is called social media strategy and you must develop it.

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