How to turn your flop product into a best seller?

So it happened to you like it already did to so many others.

You once created a product putting your heart and soul to make it the best seller.

You promoted it by doing all that a human being could have done.

But you could not have made it.

It sucked, sucked and sucked.

Hold your breath to know what I want to say right now on your failure to create a successful product?

You deserve a big BRAVO.

Yes, you deserve a big congrats because at least you tried to create a product.

You did it and learnt a lot in the whole process of making it.

Now you are not like the one who was before creating your product.

So this is the biggest gain you achieved that you could never have achieved if you joined any fancy-looking premium course to create your own product.

May be you are so disheartened like many on your not making your product as much profitable as you had planned while creating it.

May be you could not have sold its more than a few copies and then entirely forgot about it and junked it.

Just remember no creation is worthless.

It may be not the weakness of the product but anything wrong has not let it to be a best seller.

best sellerWhat is a flop product?

A flop product is the one which you fail to sell more than a few or fail to create a huge list with it if you offer it just as an incentive to make people subscribe your blog.

It is also a flop product if people buy it at its launch just because they trust you but once a few people buy and use it after that no one buys it. If it happens, this shows those who bought your product at its launch were not satisfied with it and equally shared their dissatisfaction with others who then preferred not buying it.

First examine your promotion strategy

So first of all it is must to examine if you are doing anything wrong while promoting it. If it is so then you simply need to revise your promotion strategy and get it bounce back to earn big profit.

Search where you committed big mistake

If fault is in its manufacturing it may be of several kinds.

  • It may be a wrong product for the right audience.
  • Or it may be a right product for the wrong audience.
  • Or you failed to put as much value in it as your audience was hoping from it

Whatever the reason is but now forget about all these ifs and buts and make your mind to never let your first creation go into the junk box.

Why your product failed?

In this post I would tell you amazing ways to put new life into your dying product and make it a best seller. For this purpose first of all it is must to check why it failed.

best sellerIf it failed because of an incorrigible fault then the strategy should be different from the fault that could be corrected with a little planning. In worst case still you have the final option of turning it into a freebie.

PS: Recently I shared with you a post on reasons of not creating a product and at the end of its first reason I promised to share another post on the topic the one which I am sharing here.

Analyze the reason of its not becoming a best seller

So it is must to analyze the reason why your product could not have brought the results which you were expecting earlier.

Check the deviations from first plan

Click to open your first ever plan that you developed to create your product and check if you really followed it or deviated a lot from it.

Review your following others

Secondly review the advices you received from others and examine them thoroughly if you rightly followed them or did a mistake while doing so. Also check if all those advices were correct or you have followed a few weaker or wrong advices as well.

best sellerIt will enable you to check if you committed a mistake by yourself or someone made you commit a mistake by giving you a wrong advice.

By doing this whole exercise you would at least be cautious while creating your next product and follow others where it is wise to follow them and would act upon your own plan where it is most fit for you.

Make a plan to correct your mistakes

If the mistakes you committed while creating your product can be corrected now, it is right time to make a plan to revise your product by correcting its entire mistakes which you did.

Meanwhile stop promoting your product and if possible keep silence on it and just dive into revising it.

What things you can change of your product?

You can cross every limit while revising your product and even can change its name to make it a best seller. The one thing you can never change of your product is its URL be it on your own blog or somewhere at any affiliate program. If you do it you will lose the link juice you got on it while promoting your un-revised product.

Improve it as much as you can

So improve its contents, enhance its quality and make it more beneficial for those who you want to sell it. Make it easier to understand and turn its name directly telling your audience what benefits it is going to offer to them.

While improving its contents don’t simply rephrase them. Try to put more value in it with your first hand knowledge and experiences related to the topic. Try to include a fresh case study on the topic and make the whole process of learning from it quite simpler and easier to follow.

If possible try improving its entire packaging including its front page, title design and even its formatting to make it more valuable to your readers.

Compare your revised product with flop one

After doing so now put both your products the previous one and the revised one in front of you and check where you changed what and if it is for the good of your audience or you did just for the sake of improvement.

best sellerStill it is possible to re-revise it before releasing it because once you release your revised product you hardly have chance to re-revise it further because people don’t trust a person who keeps revising his products.

Please note updating a product is quite different from revising a product. You update a product with putting things that arrived after your releasing of your product. In the process of revision you add value and correct previous mistakes to make it a big success.

Also revise your promotion plan

Now develop your promotion strategy for your revised product. It is must to:

  • Tell your audience reasons of revising your product and your reasons must act as your sales agent to make them buy it.
  • Decide what reasons you should mention and what you should not as a business strategy because people want improvement and not the correcting of mistakes that would give an impression your revised product may still have some mistakes as it had in its previous version.
  • Finally promote it with your revised promotion plan but never let the word “revise” become a buzzword in your entire strategy. Just tell your audience you have put a lot of new things in your product to benefit them more and more.

USP of your revised product to make it a best seller

In your promotion plan mention all the new benefits your audience is going to get from your revised product and tell them in such an impressive way they believe in your words this time faster.

Equally give them good news that all the adds-on in your product are completely free and you are not charging even a single penny more on it. This should be unique selling point (USP) of your revised product.

Depending upon the previous results of the launching of your product you can offer a huge discount at the time of its launch by mentioning your previous discount offer and specially mentioning the big difference this time a buyer would make by buying it within the offering time.

So this is all about how to revise your flop product and make it a best seller and earn big money.

During this whole process of revising your product you can contact me to still get more advices because it depends upon the nature of the product how to revise it effectively and achieve your selling objectives.

The Contact page of this blog is for you to contact me any time for resolving any of your blogging problems especially related to product creation. I usually reply a query within 24 hours in working days.

Do you have a product that is not getting desired results? Or you have yet to create a product. In either of these cases do ask me anything relating to product creation and making it more profitable.

I would advise you in detail here or directly into your inbox if you specify the place where you want me to reply you.

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