63 most daring types of blog posts and which one is the best for you

Contents are the key elements of a blog. Right? You also know very well that content is king.

Contents are the key source of offering value to your readers. Whatever you want to say you do with them. Your basic purpose of sharing them on your blog is to achieve your blogging objectives with their help.

What are blog contents?

A formatted piece of contents on your blog is called blog post.

Blog posts do not mean simply articles and news items. There are basically several types of blog posts.

types of blog postsBasic types of blog posts

A blog post means whatever that conveys your message to your target audience. It may be of words, pictures, videos, audios, signs, shapes, mix of a few of them or mix of all of them.

Basically we can divide blog posts into following nine types.

  1. Simple post

It means expression of your thoughts, ideas, information, knowledge and facts and figures with the help of written words.

Words are the basic form of written contents that make sentences and then combination of sentences make paragraphs.

It is one of the oldest forms of contents in both online and offline publications.

Creating contents with the help of words is quite easy but equally it is quite challenging to retain the interest of readers with this simple type.

One needs to have command on language and must know its basic level of grammar and composition.

Otherwise it could be a piece of writing but can’t be a piece of marketable contents that could sell your ideas, thoughts and products.

  1. Infographics

It is called pictorial contents that are created with the help of pictures and each picture is described with words.

One needs to have skills of basic graphic designing to create an infographics that is the combination of two words information + graphics.

Now there are many offline and online software that are very user-friendly and a person with no graphic knowledge can create an awesome infographics with a few clicks of mouse.

You must have the basic outlines of your post to create an infographics otherwise it could be nothing but a combination of pictures and statements without the power to create impact.

Visme and Piktochart are the two most popular online softwares to create your infographics both free and on price.

There are ten types of infographics which I discussed in detail in my post here.

  1. Video

This is an era of moving pictures in online world as well where people want message fully described with a complete set of pictures moving in a direction.

YouTube has played major role to popularize this form of blog contents and with the mushrooming growth of video cameras and their cheap prices boosted its use for content marketing.

  1. Podcast

It means your recorded message on a topic that you upload on your blog. It is quite easy and quite helpful for those who want to enjoy your blog contents while doing any other work.

  1. Presentation

Presentation is also quite new form of blog content. It is actually a series of pictures and small sentences with each picture to explain the entire topic step by step.

The difference between infographics and presentation is that former can be displayed in one tall vertical slide while the latter is displayed with number of slides that are shown one by one.

  1. Gif-based contents

Animated images are now quite popular on internet. They communicate a message quite impressively in shortest possible time. There are several softwares online that can convert your small video as gif image and you can put a few such images to create your complete blog post on a topic.

A video could also be converted into a gif with Photoshop if you have basic know-how to use it. Microsoft Gif Animator is also a useful tool to convert videos of AVI files into a gif.

  1. Cartoons

Cartoon means creating graphic characters and then putting them under animation to make their moving effects.

It is not everyone’s job to create cartoons and one needs high skills. A blogger can hire an animation expert to create cartoons video to create a post.

types of blog postsA few online tools like Learn Dash and Visme are also available to create your own cartoons-based blog post without fully knowing its skills.

  1. Guest post

It is mostly like simple post but it is published on other blogs with the aim to bring traffic from there to your blog apart from getting one or two back links.

It is usually advised a guest post should have more powerful contents than the one which you want to publish on your own blog.

  1. Hybrid post

It is a mix of all the above types and offer text contents, video, infographics, presentation or a few selected types in it to never bore the people with its diversity.

Nowadays people try to mix at least a few types into on post to retain the level of interest of people with the help of variety.

Types of blog posts according to length

The criterion of length for a blog post is quite different and kept changing in the past.

In the beginning a blog post with 400 words was considered quite well. After that a post with 700 to 1000 words was called a perfect post. Then we saw quite lengthy contents up to 3000 words and it was also claimed that such contents quickly get higher rank in Google.

All these eras were just experimenting different lengths and now it is quite clear that length of the contents depends upon the topic of the blog post.

The most acceptable length is called the one where one does not have anything more to share with his blog readers.

Basically there are four types of blog posts according to their length. It all depends upon your niche and topic of the post to pick the one of these four types.

  1. Small post

For example, a news-based post can easily be created with a type of small post. Its number of words is usually from 400 to 700 words.

  1. Medium post

If you want to put your views also into a news item then you need to go for a medium post type. Its number of words is considered 700 to 1,000 as appropriate.

  1. Epic post

If you want to do detailed analysis of your news then obviously you should create an epic post.

Usually a post with 1,500 to 2,500 words is called an epic post that does full justice with the topic by covering all its aspect in detail.

It should also have images, quotes, screenshots, presentation and video to enhance its impact.

  1. Baby post

It is post of 300 to 400 words that covers just one point of a topic or just latest information is shared to keep the edge on competitors.

A promise is also made in such post to share the detail info of same topic in another detailed post after a while.

 types of blog posts

Types of blog posts according to format

A blog post can also be divided into different types according to its format. It means if it is simply in descriptive form or it has the opinion of others or views of an expert etc.

According to its format there are eleven types of blog posts as given below.

  1. Article

An article means simple narration or description of your views, facts and figures, thoughts, information or knowledge about a given subject. It is written in words with

  • First introduction of the topic
  • Then a problem related to the topic is highlighted
  • Impacts of the problem are discussed
  • Then several solutions are given and
  • Finally the best solution is identified to help readers follow it and solve their problem.
  1. Interview post

Interview post is one of the most common types of blog posts and it is same as it is published in offline print world.

The writer of the post puts a question first then its reply is given with mentioning the name who gave its answer. In the beginning a few lines about the person who gives the answer is mentioned to let readers know about him.

Usually an interview blog post covers questions related to a topic and it is called topic centric interview.

If subsequent questions are derived from the earlier answers of the interviewee then it is called expertise centric interview in which the expertise of the interviewee is covered instead of a specific topic.

If an interview has short questions in large number and equally short replies it is called FAQs-based interview.

In many interviews just one question is asked in the beginning with the request to the interviewee to tell readers about him, his struggle and then his current status. It is called auto interview.

I have discussed different types of blog interview posts here in this post 9 types of blog interview posts and how to create them.

  1. Expert Roundup Post

This type is getting so popular nowadays. It means opinion on a topic by several experts and their compilation into one post. Their views could be on one or more than one topic according to the info requirements of your blog readers.

Also it depends upon the readers’ engagement of a blog how many experts are included in a roundup post. Generally 20 to 50 experts are included in a roundup post and could create great impact if all of them are more or less have equal level of expertise.

  1. Epic roundup post

It is a collection of a few most popular posts of your blog or of different bloggers published in a given time on a given topic. It briefly describes each post one by one by sending the readers to its link for its detailed review.

  1. Opinion post

Sometimes many experts don’t want their views are referred with their name. Or writer of the post does not have permission to directly refer their name with their opinion.

In this situation opinion by quoting simply as expert opinion is included in the post and then its merits and demerits are mentioned to fully guide the readers.

  1. Survey post

Survey also means the opinion of people about a topic, product or method. But it is not necessarily opinion of experts and could be of all who directly or indirectly are related to the subject.

Usually survey covers the opinion of people in big number and then it is produced both in quantified form in tables and charts and also its narration is included with the views of industry leaders on it.

This post I created by surveying the opinion of experts: 100 bloggers reveal causes of not creating their own product

  1. Project report

The description of an activity in detail with mentioning of its basic idea, planning, execution and achievement is called project report.

For example if you create a product, sell it and make a big success you can share all about this as its project report.

  1. Performance/income report

When you share your performance of a given period from one month to one year or more it is called performance report.

This is a post that I shared as performance report: You And Be A Money Blogger.

types of blog postsIn a same way if you share what you earned last month it is called your income report.

It could be both quantified with main sources of your revenue and expense and also mentioning of main reasons of big achievement or decline.

  1. Milestone post

People get inspired if you tell them you have completed one year of blogging, or published 100 posts or have hit the benchmark of 100 visitors daily. This is called milestone post and puts good impression on your readers that you are making progress with your hard work.

  1. FAQs based post

In every field different types of questions are frequently asked and experts do reply them on different occasions at different places.

But many people want all the relevant and most frequently asked questions in one post with their appropriate replies as well. This kind of post gives the reply of basic queries of people on a topic with their most appropriate and updated answers.

  1. Discussion/debate

A discussion or debate actually aims to open new vistas of thinking on a topic and all its pros and cons are discussed to invite more thoughts in it to get more and more solutions of a problem.

It could be with the participation of just writer and his assumption based replies of different questions or a few experts could also be included to make a good discussion on a topic without any assumption or supposition.

Types of blog posts according to interest level

Blog posts could also be categorized according to element of interest in it. People take keen interest if a post is going to reveal a secret that nobody knows before.

Similarly people like to learn more about breaking news or a true story of a flop blogger.

types of blog postsThere are eight types of blog posts according to element of thrill or interest into them.

  1. Disclosure post

If a shocking or rattling disclosure or revelation is made in a post about a person, topic, product or company it is called a disclosure post.

Writer needs to be so responsible while creating such post because any kind of falsehood may lead him to face legal action by the one whom or whose product or company was referred in it.

One should create such post after doing extensive research and personally having the evidence of the facts what he wants to reveal in his post. It is also better to get legal advice from a publication lawyer to be on safe side before publishing this kind of post.

  1. Breaking news post

It could be news itself gotten from the place where it occurred or reproduction of latest news that already published somewhere and you published it on your blog to inform your readers about it.

  1. Controversial post

It aims to create a controversy on a topic that is going on in the market in a tedious way. So one can create a controversy in it by advising the readers not to take it in a way as it is portrayed by industry pundits and it could also be viewed with another angle of sight as well.

This is a kind of controversial post: 10 reasons you should not follow all popular blogs to earn money

  1. Criticism

After using a product or service if a blogger finds a lot of shortcomings into it then a criticism post could be created to let others know its real face.

Here also writer should have strong evidence against the product on the basis of which he is going to criticize it.

  1. Against the norms

Everybody knows content is king as first said by Bill Gates. If a post written on “content is not king” it is called a post against the norm. The writer should prove with his power of argument why he is taking a topic against the industry norms.

  1. True story

If you want to write a true story, just stand on a busy roundabout of your area and if you convince the first person who you meet there to share his story with you it could be an interesting story to extend it up to a novel.

Our life is full of true stories of ourselves, our friends and loved one. So simply we need to relate a true story gotten from our surroundings to create with it a post to make our actual message stronger.

It should not be crudely true and you can hide a few details to keep the identity of its real characters secret for the sake of their privacy.

This is the post created on real story of a blogger: How she died while struggling to become a pro blogger?

  1. Leaked report

Wiki leaks and now Panama leaks are glaring example of this kind of post. But a blogger can’t get that much monumentally important documents so he can simply deduce a shocking fact from the available info on the basis of his analytical power.

  1. Confession post

It is your own confession about the fact or thing that earlier you were hiding from your audience. It could be confession about a wrong or right but you need to justify why you hided it so far.

You should also mention its positive reason to influence your readers how sincere you are with them.

types of blog postsTypes of blog posts according to benefits

Blog post types could also be divided on the basis of benefits that it is going to offer to its readers.

For example a post that covers various useful links is called link post or a post about personal life of a successful person is called profile post.

There are 23 types of blog posts on the basis of benefits as discussed below.

  1. How-to post

A post narrating the method to do a blogging chore or achieve something great is called how-to post.

It has one or more than one tips, secrets, ways, or methods to do a job to achieve greater results in shorter time.

For example: How to start a blog with millions of visitors from day one? is how-to post.

  1. Tutorial

It is a detailed how-to post describing the problem, then offering several solutions and then picking the best solution and finally its complete implementing process to achieve success without any risk of failure.

It may contain videos, charts, tables, graphics to make readers fully grasp it and retain its info as much as possible.

This is an example of tutorial post: How to create a boredom-proof expert roundup?

  1. List post

Also known as listicle (list + article) and contains a lengthy list of various dos or dons or tips or benefits or hurdles or anything like.

List post is on a problem, solution, issue, method, system to tell readers everything in detail one by one to make them better grasp the topic.

For example: 14 wisest ways to work smart and be a super successful blogger is a list post.

  1. Resources/links

It is a collection of various resources with their links on a topic covering a specific aspect of the topic to help readers take its full benefits and fully exploit it for achievement of their given goals.

  1. Definition post

Definition post explains a concept, theory, system, method or anything that needs further defining to help readers fully understand it to implement it in their struggle to achieve their goals.

For example What is blogging and what you need to know about it? is a definition post.

If a new concept arrives in market, industry leaders usually first define it and then discuss it further.

For example a few years ago when the concept of influencer marketing was introduced first it was defined and then it was discussed to explain how it can benefit bloggers and online marketers.

  1. Profile post

A profile post gives the detailed description of a person who played a great role in success of a product, system, software, application that directly or indirectly supported a given field.

For example Jeremy Shoemaker of Shoemoney is the person who introduced the modern concept of money blogging so his profile covering his personal life, his professional life and his success story could be mentioned in a profile post.

  1. Case study

A post on a case study is created to prove the worth of a newly introduced product, system, method or anything. It aims to make a product or system more popular by letting people know how a person or group of people earlier used it and took a lot of benefits from it.

  1. Solution-based post

A solution based post first introduces a problem. Then it discusses its harms and then offers various solutions to get rid of it. Finally it suggests the best solution to help readers resolve it permanently.

How to create a high-priced product to earn money massively? is a solution-based post.

  1. Comparison

A comparison post means two things are compared in it by describing pluses and minuses of each one.

If a comparison post is created with the aim to prove one product or service or chore better than other one, it is called marketing-based comparison post.

types of blog postsOn the other hand if a comparison post is published just to let readers know how two products or services or chores have edge and shortcomings on each other it is called non-marketing based comparison post that means to tell readers everything about both without giving the verdict which one is the best.

What is wiser; replying a blog comment or reciprocating it? is an example of comparison post.

  1. Conditional post

A conditional post means restricting so many things fixed to prove benefit of a product or service, scenario of a situation or prediction about the future.

  1. Research report

A research report could be about a research made by the writer or writer’s company or its results are borrowed from a research done by someone else.

In such post it is must to fully mention the source of that research and details about the researchers who did it.

  1. Review

Review means examining a product or service from all aspects and informing the readers what are its pros and cons.

Being a blogger you need to be so impartial while describing both its merits and demerits with the aim to benefit the readers.

A review should never be a sales pitch and its purpose should be to guide readers should they buy it and why.

Earlier it was necessary to personally use a product or service before writing a review on it. But now a large number of bloggers believe that because of mushrooming growth of every type of product it is not possible to use each product and service before writing its review.

If someone does this then a major chunk of his monthly blogging income could be spent just to write reviews by following this buy-first-review-then approach.

Another group of relatively new lot of bloggers says by doing a survey of the users of a product or a service its review could easily be created by informing the readers who used it and how was their experience.

  1. Ebooklet

A detailed post with the offer to give it in PDF is called ebooklet post and can be a good tool to make the readers email subscribers by registering them before downloading the ebooklet.

Simply a cover is to be created in addition to original post to make it look good and people be attracted to download it by submitting their email first.

  1. Cheatsheet

Actually a cheatsheet is a piece of paper with information written down on it that an unethical person might create if they weren’t prepared for a test.

But now the meaning of cheat sheet has broadened to include any memory refreshing tool. It could be a small list or things to do to achieve a goal and in blogging it is widely used to create a small list of tips, ways, methods or anything like that.

  1. Checklist

It means a list of things you should do before starting a job, before reaching its end or while staying at its mid.

It could describe any situation but basically it means to remind you to check a few set of things before doing any work.

In blogging it is used as describing a list to check before buying, selling, creating or making a product or service or system.

  1. Contest

It has same meaning as you are guessing. It means inviting people to take part in a contest on your blog and the winner would be given an attractive prize.

An entry fee is also declared that could be to bring a few number of entries in the contest, or resharing it on social media or commenting on contest post or to do all these things or a few of them to be registered participant in the contest.

Such posts bring huge number of visitors on it because to register in the contest people are bound to reshare it and also promote it to their friends to influence them join the contest.

Nature of contest could be to write the best comment, reply the answer of a few questions as asked in the post or share one amazing thing in comments section related to the topic of the post.

  1. Draws

These are lucky draws that are usually conducted through a blog post to invite readers comment on a product that is recently introduced or reshare a given post to a specific number of social media and then register as entrant of the draw to win the prize.

types of blog postsThe prize could be a priced product of blogger’s own or of the company that’s product is being promoted by the blogger.

Such draws also bring huge number of traffic because people love to participate in such draws to get a valuable prize.

  1. Quiz

In this type of post a few questions are asked related to a topic, product or service and winner is given anything that makes him prominent among other participant. It could be a chance to publish guest post on the blog that conducted the quiz.

  1. Announcement

An announcement post is regarding publishing a mega post related to a topic or interview of a giant blogger or any change in posting frequency or starting a new thing on your blog.

It is also called curtain raiser if you announce what you are going to share in coming days and how it will benefit your readers.

  1. Invitation

By opening guest posting on your blog such type of invitation post is shared to ask readers follow the guest post guidelines and submit their post.

Every detail about the guest posting is shared in such post. It could also be to join any special series on a blog or something like that.

  1. Beginners’ Guide

A beginners’ guide means sharing from scratch on how to do a specific nature of work with step by step details. It is usually written in such a way that beginners and those who already have started their business for a long time could equally take its all benefits.

10 reasons newbie bloggers must aim to make big money online is an example of beginners’ guide.

  1. Book Review

Book review is a little different from product review. Under this type of post you simply have to give the brief account of the subject matter of book without revealing every detail. It should be to arouse the readers’ interest to buy the book and read the rest himself.

Book review is also of two types. One is marketing-based book review where the purpose is to make readers buy the book. The other one is non-marketing book review where the objective is to inform readers every main point about it and leave the decision to buy or not to buy on them.

For example: How to never fail in blogging with these 11 tips for success? is a book review.

  1. Webinar

It is a web-based seminar where people are invited online to join an online proceeding connected with Google Hangout, Skype conference call or any other software to deliver info on a topic.

It also aims to convert the free participants into clients. After conducting the webinar its recording along with its text-based report is also shared on blog to benefit those who could not have attended the live webinar.

It could be free if it aims to convert the participants into customers and can also be premium if objective is to provide quality information to its participants.

General types of blog posts

There are also eight types that are of miscellaneous nature and are included in general category.

  1. Inspired post

A post written after getting inspiration from another most popular post is called inspired post.

The writer of such post declares in the beginning where from it took the inspiration and then on its pattern elaborates his topic to let readers enjoy flavors of two posts at a time.

For example Jon Morrow shared a post On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas on CopyBlogger in 2012 that has become unforgettable post.

Then so many people followed the style of storytelling from this post and made their posts quite viral.

  1. Obituary

If someone from your niche market or industry dies (heaven forbids) a post could be created to pay tribute to his services and equally informing the readers about his achievements.

This can also work to let readers learn his expertise and take inspiration from his success story.

  1. Open letter

It is quite popular in both online and offline world. It usually has a strong message that is conveyed to readers by directly addressing them or addressing someone else related to the topic of the post.

  1. Personal matters

In personal blogging sharing personal matters with readers is taken quite effective to be more informal with them.

It could be about anything related to your personal or family life both in terms of negative or positive. But while doing so you must remember it should aim to further win the trust of your readers instead of losing it.

  1. Heart matters

It is a little different from the above type as it purely relates to your heart. It may be about your love that you could not have achieved or about the one in your dreams and yet to achieve it.

The objective of sharing such post should also to help readers resolve any of their problems by learning a lesson from the story of your heart matter.

  1. Thanking people

If so many people referred you in their posts or discussion somewhere or a lot of readers kept commenting on your blog in a given period of time or a person helped you in your blogging struggle a thanks post could be a good return for them to publicly acknowledge their act of kindness.

  1. Reciprocating post

If someone referred in detail about you or about any of your quality it is ethically and professionally good to reciprocate him because bloggers should keep supporting each other.

A post to acknowledge another blogger’s services or any quality could bring the good response from other industry players.

  1. Rejoinder

If someone has shared something wrong about you or discussed anything against your business interest you can write a post explaining your position and also giving that person a smart reply.

It is must to clear your position to him and also to your readers as well whose trust is more important to you.

So these are the 63 types of blog posts that you may share on your blog to make it a great hub of contents.

Which one is the best for you?

Now let’s come to the second part of the topic of this post that which one is the best for you out of these 63 types of blog posts.

There is no rule of thumb to rank them according to their strength or power to influence the readers. A post of any type is the most fit for you if:

  • People love it
  • Influencers notice it
  • Search engines rank it higher
  • Social media pick it
  • Advertisers happily sponsor it

So here again the type of blog post itself is not the most fit for you but its power of contents could make it so viral.

You may ask if contents are that much important so why I mentioned that much lengthy list of various types of blog posts. Its answer is very simple.

Diversity counts a lot

Ours is an era of stiff competition where people need change and get bored by the stereotyped contents. So these 63 types of blog posts help you pick the one according to the nature of your contents and share them on your blog every time with a different style.

Just imagine how amazing would be level of attraction of your blog contents if your first post is text-based, second one is video, third one is infographics, fourth one is expert roundup and so on and so forth.

So just plan to pick each type one by one and share your contents with them to create a big impact as there are no two opinions about the fact that content is king and will remain unless another invention or discovery replaces it. In near future there is no any sign that contents would be replaced by any other thing.

Now your turn

What do you say? How did you find these diverse types of blog contents? Do you think there are still a few more types that I skipped in this post? Do mention them in your comments below.

I am sure you would also reshare it on social media to let others know about that much number of different types of blog posts.

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