Website traffic analysis: Once a visitor gone could forever gone

It is not easy shit to bring huge traffic to your blog. That is why many bloggers avoid sharing their actual traffic. They give rough estimates and don’t share their website traffic analysis report.

If you really have a huge traffic on you blog, you need a big pat. But what you are doing with your traffic. This is the main question.

I once asked this question to a very promising blogger whose reply almost shocked me. He was simply happy he has huge traffic. But couldn’t have told me what he is doing with his huge traffic.

When I insisted he said he has so many websites and big online business. Still he was unable to tell why he brings huge traffic to his blog.

website traffic analysisWhat happens without website traffic analysis?

I wonder if a blogger doesn’t believe in every aspect of website traffic analysis how he could become a successful blogger.

Only number of visitors, their stay time and bounce rate are not the vital parts of website traffic analysis. Ratio of unique to loyal visitors is equally important.

If your unique visitors are far more than loyal visitors it means you have to rely on PPC. As you all know PPC (pay per click) ads is the most unreliable blog earning method.

website traffic analysisThe one and only reliable company is Google Adsense that has strictest criteria for publishers to earn money from its PPC ads. Its alternates do not pay higher commission. Also they don’t have many options to fully optimize their ads.

So this is the situation if you have more unique visitors and lesser loyal visitors. Loyal visitors mean your blog community, just like you have customers of your business. Unique visitors mean everyone who is allowed to enter in a super market.

If you have more loyal visitors what you can’t sell to them. If they are really your followers they obviously would trust you. So instead of sticking to one source of income you can earn with many methods.

But still bloggers make all their efforts to up their number of visitors and don’t pay attention to ratio of unique and loyal visitors. As a result they do have huge traffic on their blog but yet to earn more than $100 a month.

This also they do with Google Adsense. If you can write quality contents you can earn $100 by writing one post. So why you should waste your whole month to earn peanuts from your blog. Obviously it is because you have more unique visitors and lesser number of loyal ones.

Addiction does not work in blogging

You can make someone addict of a drug. To make him addict of your blog is a flight of fancy. Millions of blogs are already there. How is it possible that after visiting your blog a person stops searching more blogs? Could he take your blog an end of the world?

So never expect you can make a visitor addict of your blog by simply offering him quality contents. You must take every possible effort to bind him to come again and again. Maybe a visitor gets impressed by your blog contents. He could make up his mind to come again and again.

But what is the guarantee he will come back. He can find blogs far better than you. He may forget your blog URL after visiting hundreds of blogs. He may clear history of his browser and can’t get URL of your blog. Anything could happen.

So don’t just rely on your great contents. You have to do something more than this. It’s not simply a list building plugin. It is more than that. I will tell you later in this post.

Free is not a binding force

If you think you have shared so many top quality contents so what. Every blogger is sharing. Neil Patel’s every post is more than 2500 words. While quality is small word to describe its value.

So many free contents would also not impress your visitor to get him back. Again you have to do something more.

Blog commenting is highly saturated

Comment for a comment is the most popular strategy nowadays. So do you expect all your commenters would become your loyal visitors? Most of them are your supporters and share their feedback to let you know how you are going.

Many of them just encourage you to keep blogging. So do you expect they would buy your product also? I comment on 50 blog post every week.

So should I become follower of all? Yes I am but I would hardly buy their recommended products. They are my contemporaries in blogging and we just support each other.

So don’t expect all your commenters would buy your products. It means just building good contacts with your readers would not help you sell your products to them. They may comment just once and then never come back.

website traffic analysisHollow promise don’t make miracles

It is good to get genuine subscribers by just promising to send next post to their inbox. But this works for those who want to do email marketing with highest success rate. It means whenever you send them your email majority of them don’t unsubscribe you. But in reality it doesn’t happen.

It is learnt that more than half of your email subscribers become so just to grab your incentive-based offers. Once they receive your first email they unsubscribe you.

But still offering incentive converts more and more visitors to your subscribers. So they become your loyal visitors. But your incentive should be powerful enough to never let them unsubscribe you.

So hoping to convert with a hollow promise is not a good idea. You have to think more than that. This I am just sharing with you.

Mouth-watering lead magnet is the best option

So create a highly valuable and most relevant lead magnet as an incentive for you blog visitors to convert. It should be preferably a small report that proves mouth-watering for your unique visitors. They can’t resist subscribing your email list. If you offer just-another kind of lead magnet they may download it but once you send them your first email they would unsubscribe your list.

Also your colleagues of same niche will download it but just to check its quality. Just to create their lead magnet superior in quality. So your lead magnet must be mouth-watering for your genuine unique visitors. For example:

If your blog is on make money blogging your lead magnet could be a system, blueprint, agenda or guide to earn $1000 from your new blog. It must not be simply a promise. It must have a guarantee if someone follows it literally he can make that much amount.

Super magic formula to never let them unsubscribe you

As and when a visitor becomes your subscriber send him a series of emails as:

  • A welcoming email
  • Two to three emails in series sharing valuable but free tips and tricks
  • Send him each latest post
  • Refer to him a few evergreen post of your niche
  • Recommend him a few free products
  • Offer him huge discount that company offers you for your subscribers
  • Finally sell your products and services to him

So this is the way to never let your each visitor go away from your blog forever. Don’t just allure him to be your subscriber without any incentive. Nor offer a stereotyped incentive that he grabbed and then unsubscribe your list soon after receiving your first email.

Do you think without lead magnet one can convert more and more his unique visitors into his loyal ones as email subscribers? Do refer it in your comments here.

I hope you would also share this post on social media with your friends and colleagues in addition to subscribing my email list below.

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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