What is blogging and what you need to know about it?

what is bloggingSo you have already got so many fascinating as well as discouraging answers when you asked them what is blogging.

They may have told you it is the surest way to earn money online.

Some of them might be of the view that blogging means becoming reach overnight.

Many of them might have referred you the names of various famous bloggers who became millionaire in a short span of ten years.

While some pessimists might have advised you that it is too techie thing and not made for you.

In short after each answer you got you must be more confused to know what is blogging in its real sense.

But don’t worry now. If you really want to know what is blogging you have landed at the very right place.

I will remove all the confusions people have forcibly attached to it and tried to make it a magic wand for earning money or a mysterious world where very few people become successful.

Mind it blogging is neither an activity nor a creative pursuit. It is a business just like any other business. But the only difference between it and other business is the required amount of investment.

To do blogging you need not millions of rupees. Just one and half hundred dollars are sufficient to start a blog gracefully. After that you can earn as more money as you work hard with consistency.

Before going ahead, first let’s discuss what does blogging means in its real sense.

What is blogging?

All activities you do to start, run and promote a blog are collectively called blogging. Right?

You may wonder to read this simplest answer of the question; what is blogging. Practically blogging is still simpler. It includes:

Learn blogging

But you cannot do blogging successfully if you don’t fully learn it. You must know its top five phases as given below:

Planning + Starting + Writing + Promoting + Monetizing = Blogging

Does it look simple? It is. But once you dive into this field you may think almost daily to quit it.

If you stay in it for the first six months with consistency and by following all its rules then either you will quit it forever or be part of it forever and equally become a successful blogger.

I bet chances of success are 100 times more than the quitting if you really learn blogging. Don’t worry I am not going to sell here any blogging tutorial product. You just read the last 20 posts at this blog and you will easily learn blogging.

Now choice is yours. Either you follow patience and start your blog today to check if it is your cup of tea.

Don’t worry you need not to quit your day job. You will be your own boss in this field. You can do blogging at evening, while travelling, while at home, in the park.

So the liberty is the biggest blessing you enjoy in this profession.

So stick to your decision to start a blog and keep reading this post and following a few post to fully learn how to start a blog, how to run it and how to make it successful.

I do recommend first just read the last twenty posts of this blog by going to the deep bottom of posts section at home page. After reading all of them you should decide what to do.

So before jumping into the next post let’s discuss some more on what is blogging.

What is a blog?

Blog is just like website but it is different in many ways. These are:

  • Blog is not formal like website. It is purely dynamic in nature. Nothing is static in it including contents, its design, layout and format
  • It is regularly updated and its updates appear on first come first appear basis. It means first post at the end and last post at the beginning of articles page.
  • It is very participatory in nature. Visitors can give their feedback and interact with the administrative (admin) team of blog.
  • It has a personal tone and face. It works like one-on-one communication.
  • It is your personal online property while a website is usually a property of an institution mostly.
  • If you blog consistently you can enjoy a lot because you have full liberty to do it whatever way you want. You can run your blog even in complete offline isolation.

what is bloggingTypes of blogging

Broadly there are three types of blogging.

Money blogging: Its chief aim is to earn money with the blog. Money is earned with a blog by selling products and services on it.

Products and service are personal products of the blog or someone else which a blogger sells on commission.

Display of ad banners and text ads is also another source of earning money with a blog.

Business blogging: It means to promote a business. It indirectly acts as marketing tool to increase sales of a business.

It also works as image builder of the business. Whatever type of business you have you can support it by starting a blog.

People will read your blog and have more understanding of your products and your business. It is the smartest online way to grow your business because you need not to spend much while doing this.

Amateur blogging: It is done for an objective other than earning money. It can be fun, networking and sharing knowledge.

It is the easiest form of blogging. That is why it is not under huge focus in blogosphere and no one cares much if someone starts a blog just to enjoy with it.

Only his personal friends and colleagues visit it and comment on its posts. It’s purely a personal type of blogging.

What is blogging in present times?

Now the concept of blogging is wider than previous. It has become so competitive. Now quality is more important.

Quantity is not as worthy as it used to be a few years ago. Blogging needs quality. This change occurs after mushrooming growth of blogs. Now only those can succeed who focus on quality and give value to their readers.

So this is all about what is blogging. It is the only field that changes with the fastest possible pace. Every day changes occur in it. So to do blogging one must be alert and resilient in nature. This is the basic spirit required to do blogging.

If you have potential to deliver quality stuff you must be happy because you can become a successful blogger quite easily.

Just stay on quality, be consistent and then enjoy the miracles of blogging which I will share with you in later posts.

In our next post we will discuss: How and what to research for starting a blog?

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