Beginners guide: What is domain name and how to pick the best one

Many of you know what is domain name. But many may be don’t know about it clearly. So first let me explain what it is.

Domain name is actually a name that shows address of your blog.

It is put between www and .com, .org, .net or any other tag at the end. Jointly it is called URL (uniform resource locator) of your blog.

Ending tag reflects a type of domain

If a URL ends at .asia it means it is a domain name related to any Asian website or blog. Internet users living in Asia will access it fast. Search engines will display it more to people of this region.

So ending tag of URL shows the type of domain. If it ends at .com it means it’s a global domain for the whole world.

what is domain nameIf it ends with .us it means it is for the people of USA. So the ending tag defines the geographical boundaries of domain.

It doesn’t mean a domain ending with .asia will not be displayed in other contents. It does, but it will appear in search pages of Asia more preferably than other regions.

What is beginning tag of URL?

It is www which means World Wide Web. It is widely used by a domain. But a URL can also work without it like

Earlier a web address with and without www were two different addresses. Now they are same. Whichever you type in address bar you will go to your targeted URL.

Before www there is another tag http which means hyper text transfer protocol.

What is top-level domain?

What if a word (com, org, net etc) comes just after your domain name and URL of your domain ends there? It means it is a top-level domain (TLD). For example is a top-level domain.

What is domain name as free?

If URL of a blog is;

  • or
  • or
  • etc

It is not a top-level domain. It is free domain and you don’t have control on it.

Top level versus free domain

You can use any of them. Which one exactly is better for you. It depends upon your blogging objectives.

  • If you want to do serious blogging to make it your full-time living so buy a top-level domain.
  • If you just want to do blogging as hobby then pick a free domain.

Many people first get a free domain. Once they make up their mind to do blogging serious they buy a top-level domain.

This is a smart strategy. But they have to do a lot of things while transferring from free to top-level domain.

You need to put redirect option for URL of your each blog post to your new domain URL.

It can be done once for all with a plug-in but still it is very sensitive exercise. A slight mistake can deprive you of your several back links attached to your free domain.

So transfer your blog from free domain to TLD by following a credible tutorial freely available online.

Why to use domain name?

Domain name is the residence of a website or blog on internet. Every computer and internet user has an IP (internet protocol) address. That is in digits like

If a website or blog has also an IP address, it will be hard to remember. IP addresses of millions of blogs will become a mess on internet.

So a separate system of allotting domain is made for those who want to display their contents on internet.

How to select best domain name for your blog?

This is the technical foundation of your blog. If you select a wrong domain name you can’t replace it easily.

what is domain nameAll your posts saved by search engine under old domain will miss their destination. At new domain whenever someone clicks on them will not go to them.

There is an option of redirect to solve this issue. But it is an advance level topic. So we skip it here.

What is an ideal domain name?

In short, take full care while selecting a domain name. You need to select a domain name that is:

  • Of a word or phrase that is highly searched on internet. This you can find with the help of Google Keyword Planner. Put your selected domain name in it and it will tell you its number of searches for the latest month.
  • It should be easy to pronounce by people living in every part of the world. Especially if your target market is global.
  • It should not have any dual spelling word like favorite and favourite.
  • It should be neither too lengthy nor very short
  • It should be easy to remember
  • If it is a phrase so do check if any ridiculous word can be coined by joining all the words of the phrase.
  • It must reflect the niche of your blog or at least hints at it
  • Avoid using hyphen of dash between your domain name
  • Don’t blindly join the two-word name of your blog as domain name. It may become a word with quite different or disgusting meaning
  • It should not give an impression as if you try to copy the domain name of any big brand
  • It must have strength to become the brand name of your blog

Before finally picking the domain name do check if it is already registered. So first check the availability then do your research on it to avoid wasting your energies.

Thing to remember

Always remember:

  • It is not so easy to change your domain name without losing back links and traffic. So take your time while selecting it and avoid changing it.
  • If you have big plan to run your blog keep watch at look-a-like domain names. If they are open do register them also. Otherwise if your blog grows up copycats may register your look-a-like domain name to steal and misguide your target audience.

Where to register a domain name?

A company that registers you domain is called domain registrar. There are several domain registrars online and offline. Top four of them are:


Fee to register a domain

It is not more than $12 per year. Many registrars off and on introduce discount schemes to register a domain. So keep vigil on them to avail them and save your money.

What is domain name auction?

Many internet geeks register a domain which they foresee can be sold at higher price. They after registering it put it for sale through auction. They sell it to highest bidder through an auction. Almost all domain registrars offer the service of conducting a domain auction.

Now you must have gotten the answer of two questions. What is domain name and how to select the best domain for your blog.

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In our next tutorial we will discuss: How to choose an ideal blog name?

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