What is wiser; replying a blog comment or reciprocating it?

Worst of times in blogging has already gone luckily.

It was the time when nothing was so clear with regard to blogging success.

It was the time when everyone was trying different options to get the best one. Everything in blogging was in infancy. Be it content writing, SEO, SMO or monetization everything was maturing those days.

But by and by everything becomes clear. People fully got to know what is the best way to do successful blogging. They got to know it is not gambling. They got to know it could not be achieved with a blink of eye. They fully got to know it needs patience and consistency to become a successful blogger.

Later on things improved further. Competition in every blogging chore stiffened so much so that people have now choices what to do and what to do later on to get the best blogging results.

Here from the problem of choice arose in blogging.

Now a blogger has to opt for either a daily post or weekly one according to his limitations to get the best results.

Now he has to either do amateur blogging or fully professional blogging depending upon his blogging objectives.

blog commentNow he has to fully please both search engines and people but has to serve more to people to get long-term results.

Also in secondary chores of blogging he has several options to pick the best one.

In relationship building commenting is one of the best tools to expand his contacts in this field. With commenting he can make new friends and also can attract the attention of influencer.

Not only that but he can also bring more traffic on his blog with blog commenting consistently. He even can convert his blog traffic with the help of replying blog comments.

It shows commenting has now major role to:

  • Create contacts with fellow bloggers
  • Attract attention of influencers
  • Get more traffic on his blog
  • Convert the blog traffic by replying blog comments

So he must also know:

But for doing all these things he needs time. Obviously blogging is not simply commenting. There are several other and equally important chores he has to do daily.

So again he has the problem of choice in blog commenting.

He needs to decide what he should do more in blog commenting. He has mainly three targets:

  • To give quality comments on other top blogs to try to get the attention of top bloggers and bring traffic from there also
  • To give comments on fellow bloggers especially on those blogs whose admins or owners also comment on your blog. This is called reciprocation and it is quite good in every kind of business to do well and get good.
  • To reply comments on your own blog as part of customer care to make commenters your regular subscribers

So the major challenge is to do two main chores in blog commenting. One is to reply comments and other one is to reciprocate comments.

blog commentEvery blogger be a successful blogger or struggling or even newbie bloggers has his own priority chores to do daily. So he can’t fully do just one chore and has to prioritize his chores.

So this post is about replying comments or reciprocating it and which one is the top priority for whom especially for:

  • Already established bloggers
  • Struggling bloggers
  • Newbie bloggers

But before going ahead let’s be fully clear on what is replying a comment and what is reciprocating a comment.

What is replying a blog comment?

It means you reply each comment on your each blog post with the objective to:

  • Make him feel how important he is to you
  • Appreciate his act of commenting
  • Responding to queries he raises in his comments
  • Give him something more value as reward of his commenting
  • Thank him for taking his time to comment on your blog
  • Connecting with him to make him regular visitor of your blog

What is reciprocating a comment?

Reciprocating a comment means if someone comments on your latest blog post you also visit his blog in return and comment on his blog post. You can call it a-comment-for-a-comment policy but in business it is quite smart to reciprocate the good acts of your fellows. This is the rule of business to do well and receive the good.

Usually a blogger reciprocates a comment to:

  • Make the commenter feel he and his blog is equally important
  • To get in regular connection with the commenter
  • To learn his thoughts and appreciate his work
  • To continue good relationship with him
  • To develop strong bonding with him by regularly commenting on his blog
  • To eventually convert the commenter as subscriber

About replying a blog comment

So first we discuss in detail about replying a comment on a blog post.

There are different purposes of replying a comment.

  • It may be a formal reply to appreciate one’s commenting
  • It may also be too formal to just thank for commenting
  • A reply may be testifying to endorse someone’s views
  • It can also be debating to differ with the commenter for guiding him properly
  • It may be concluding to end up the debate
  • Also it may be continuing to ask more questions to bring back the commenter

The best way to reply a blog comment

The best way of replying a blog comment is:

  • Start the reply by responding his salutation
  • Appreciate the most notable points of his comments
  • Respond the main queries he had asked in the comment
  • Thank for his commenting
  • Wish him very best

blog commentBenefits of replying a comment

  • It bring back visitors on your blog who earlier commented on your posts
  • Your reply also conveys the each commenter how important he is to you
  • It binds the readers with the communication you started with your blog post
  • It makes him respond back if your reply requires so
  • It creates a relationship with him
  • It influences him to be regular reader of your blog
  • It overall puts your good impression on him if you reply well
  • It shows your level of customer care
  • Your well-developed reply can also ignite the debate to involve more readers into it
  • It adds a few new points related to the post to make comments section interactive

About reciprocating a comment

From non-business point of view it may sound strange to reciprocate a comment. But from business point of view it is so well to go to the blog of your commenter and give your comment on his latest blog post.

The strategy of reciprocating a comment works well in niches where most of the readers have their own blog like blogging and technology. Yes for mainstream niche like health, environment, fitness etc it is not necessary that your every commenter has his own blog as well.

How to reciprocate?

The best way to reciprocate a blog comment is:

  • Read the latest post of your commenter and leave your quality comment there
  • Or read the post relevant to the post on your blog where a commenter had given his comments and then you comment on it
  • Or read the post shown in CommentLuv on your blog post to comment on it
  • OR read the top post and comment there

Benefits of reciprocating

Most important benefits of reciprocating a blog comment are:

  • It builds a relationship with the commenter
  • Exchange of ideas means more ideas
  • Your expansion in outreach
  • One more friend in your contact list

What is more important?

So this is the main question of this post. What is more important; replying a blog comment or reciprocating it? It depends upon the level of a blogger if he should give priority to replying a comment or reciprocating it.

For strugglers both are equally important

Once you crossed the phase of being newbie, people expect more from you. They want you to be everywhere in blogosphere. They want you to be more responsive.

That is why being a struggler blogger it is better to reply the blog comments on your blog and also give comments on blogs of those who regularly comment on your blog. This is the wisest commenting strategy but obviously it needs time and being a struggling blogger you need to spare more and more time to reach the point of blogging success where you are getting closer very consistently

For established bloggers replying a blog comment is more important

Those who already have developed their name should focus at replying comments more because people want to know top bloggers’ take on their comment.

If already established bloggers still have time they can go for reciprocating the comments as well but they already have done this exercise so well in their phase of struggle.

Just tell me which top blogger been in this field for the last ten years has recently commented on your blog.

For newbie reciprocating is more important

Newbie bloggers are in the process of establishing their authority. If they reply a comment they mostly express their gratitude and hope the commenter come back again. So they should reciprocate the comments more and then go for replying the comments in the initial phase of their blogging which may range from the very beginning to one year.

It depends upon comments as well

Yes, it also depends upon the nature of comments as well. If a commenter just appreciates your post and rephrase its a few points in his comments it is better not to reply him and just reciprocate it by visiting his blog.

Also some comments raise very important points related to a blog post and vocally call for a reply. So for such comments reciprocating is not a wise option and it is better to reply it with full care.

What is your take?

So what do you say? What is more important to you? Replying a comment or reciprocating it. Share your awesome views below.

I am sure you would also share this post on social media with your friends.

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