What should be the ideal length of blog comments?

So you are between the devil and deep sea!

Some people advise you to write lengthy blog comments to win their hearts and minds.

Some others ask you to forget about the length as – in many cases – size does not matter.

You are hanging between them.

You want the final answer to what to do.

Don’t worry after reading this post you would be laughing on both viewpoints.

Because truth is something else

So don’t plan to quit and be easy to read to this post to the end.

There is no secret here to know the ideal length of a blog comment.

Just a little logic on the basis of my past quarter-century professional experience

What should be the ideal length of blog comments? This debate is much heated in blogosphere.

Those who already spent so many years of their professional life know very well how to comment on a blog post.

They have learnt from their vast online and offline experience what to talk, how to talk and how long to talk while commenting on others performance.

So they more or less manage their comments so well and create great impact with it.

The real problem is with newbie bloggers. Especially with those who are still studying or just completed their studies.

They don’t have much knowledge about how to comment and how long to comment. That is why they keep asking to their seniors what should be the ideal length of a blog comment.

So in this post I will try to clear their confusion with my almost four years blogging experience and more than twenty years experience related to different fields of marketing communications, media management, conflict management, event management, public awareness, teaching, offline and online coaching.

blog commentsSo far I have built total ten blogs out of them five are successfully running including my three personal blogs.

So whatever I share here to teach you about what is the ideal length of blog comments directly relates to my diverse and vast experience of different fields and all of them have direct relation with the oral and written communications.

While doing the job of a college lecturer I also have taught business communication to the students of Bachelor of Commerce.

I have already shared a few detailed posts regarding blog comments and would advise you to must read two of them given below.

To develop your authority in blog commenting and to become a commenting superstar these posts by a few of my good friends and gem of bloggers will also help you a lot.

blog commentsKey objectives of blog comments

So let’s come to the topic again that what should be the ideal length of blog comments. To learn this topic first we need to understand what the main objectives of blog comments are.

  • First and foremost is obviously to get a backlink if that blog allows a dofollow link to your blog URL which you submit with your blog comments.
  • Secondly to get attention of the blogger of the blog where you dropped your comments
  • To influence or impress or befriend the blogger of the blog where you wrote your comments
  • To get the attention of other commentators
  • To create your reputation as an active blogger in your blog niche
  • To bring traffic to your blog by leaving very impressive blog comments at other blogs
  • To improve your writing skills by regularly writing about others blog posts
  • To hone your analytical skills by first reading a post and then commenting on it
  • To polish your marketing skills by displaying your knowledge through your comments

Quick guide to write wonderful comments

So do you think you can achieve all or many of these objectives by writing specific size of comments? Obviously not. The most important element of your comment is its contents and not the long contents. So make it a rule to comment by following the guideline given below:

  • Congratulate the blogger if she mentioned any of her latest achievements in her blog post
  • Highly appreciate the post if it raises a unique point, issue, problem or theory
  • Be agree with the most important and most common points of the post
  • Politely disagree with the point if you really want to disagree with it
  • Use the pronoun You while talking to the blogger of the blog and use “one” or “people” or “they” while discussing common points of a topic
  • Never try to prolong your comments if you have nothing to say
  • Express high hopes for the success of the idea or post on which you are commenting
  • Wind up your comments by summing up your whole points into one or two sentences if the post has a lot of info
  • Share your personal experience with regard to the topic of the post
  • If the blogger puts a clear call to action for commenting fully follow it but don’t be strictly within it. You can add something more to show your deep interest in the topic
  • Thank the blogger for sharing the post but not with any boring phrase and do put an appropriate adjective to admire the post.
  • Avoid becoming so cheesy with the blogger
  • Avoid becoming so formal by using bombastic words and phrases like “that is very kind of you”.

It is not must to follow all the above points while commenting. Just pick the ones which you think are must to follow and forget about the length. If you give valuable comments of a few sentences with hardly of hundred words, that is better than a lengthy commentary on all points of the post.

So never try to just make commentary on all the points by fully agreeing with them and endorsing them in a bid to create a lengthy comment.

Such comments look good but if someone reads them she takes them just another comment without any value and won’t cast a look at the name of the commentator.

3 ways of reading a post to comment on it

Here I give you three popular ways most of the scholars follow while reading a book which you can apply while reading a blog post to ultimately comment on it.

1. Play with the post

A well-known English grammarian Norman Lewis introduced this method of reading in his best seller book Word Power Made Easy: The Complete Handbook for Building a Superior Vocabulary.

He advised the readers that instead of reading a book just play with it by writing their queries, opinion and disagreements wherever they find a space within the book. To avoid mess of ink he asked them to use pencil to write whatever comes into their mind while reading it.

While reading an article online obviously it is not possible for all to use pen tool as you can’t use it on someone else blog. So the best option is to keep open your notepad and write while doing pauses in your reading. This is best for reading lengthy post.

Ultimately you just need to format your notes and add a little more in it to create very valuable blog comments on the post you read. In the beginning it may look a little difficult but with the practice you can follow this style easily.

blog comments

2. Talk with the post

Following this style, simply keep reading a blog post and respond verbally as and when you need to agree, differ or add value anywhere in the post.

For example before starting to read this post you could have murmured “I don’t much care about the length of comments and just write as much as I can”. So you could have started your comment with this first reaction you got into your mind.

After talking with your post while reading it you can write a very purposeful comment with all the responses you made verbally.

3. Be inside the post

This is the most common and many of my wonderful commentators follow this style. They read the whole post with full concentration and discuss the points which they think should be further clarified, or disagree or agree with.

Those who really love to read and only read can easily follow this style because while reading a post they have two objectives; one is to enjoy reading a post and then sharing their views on it.

To know more on how people are enjoying the art of blog commenting, have a look on a few of these blogs and number of comments on their each blog post

So, how did you find this post? Do you agree with all the points I mentioned here. Or you disagree with a few points. How do you read a post to comment on it?

Just show me how wonderfully you can comment on this post by sharing your awesome views with me below. I know most of my wonderful commentators are commenting maestro.

So just tell the world how true is my opinion about you.

I am sure you will also reshare this post at social media to make your friends read and comment on it.

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