How to write a blog post that must go viral?

Your frustration is obvious.

You created so many posts and published them on your blog. But still you fail to bring huge traffic on it despite promoting them massively. You also followed all search engine optimization rules but yet to please search engines as well.

A few visitors come to your posts but they come once and don’t come back. Nor they subscribe your email list. That shows you can’t impress them to convert as your regular subscribers.

write a blog postYou actually create a blog post in a same way it is written for any print publication. This is the main problem your each post fail to go viral.

Don’t worry after learning the difference between a blog post and an offline publication’s post you will never face this problem.
A blog post is completely different from articles you read in newspapers and magazines. It differs in three aspects.

1. Language

The language of your post must be so easy. It is a rule that a student of primary level can understand it easily. That is why its words and especially verbs, adjectives and adverts should be the easiest.

Its sentences should be short. But it must be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Easy but correct language is must.

2. Formatting

The formatting of a blog post should be simpler. Its paragraphs should be short. No much formalities of punctuation are very much required.

If it requires, you can make a paragraph of one sentence. Space between two paragraphs should be more than usual

3. Tone

The tone of your post should be entirely informal. It should be frank without any formality. But its language should not be mean.

Yes after developing strong relation with your readers you can be little jolly. It should be in a tone as if you are talking to your readers.

Five key features of a blog post that must go viral

Apart from the common features there are a few specialized features a blog post must have. They are:

1. Unique contents

Its topic, description and narration all should be unique. Once a reader arrives on it he may not leave because of its uniqueness. After reading it he must say vow what a new idea.

2. Interesting

The most boring subject should have element of interest in your contents. Otherwise reader will run away after reading a few sentences.

3. Not much bookish

There is huge difference between a post and a text-book lesson. It should not be so bookish. It should be so lighter. It should communicate the message without letting the reader he got the message. Otherwise he will feel bored as if he is in a class room.

4. Main elements

  • Headline of your post must be so impressive, powerful and unique. 80 percent people decide to read a post after being impressed by its title. So never forget this fact while writing headline of your blog post.
  • In the beginning of your post you should write two to three introductory paragraphs. They work as receptionist to lead the readers towards the main content of your post. So they must be impressive and attention grabbing.
  • In the body of the post you should write several small paragraphs. Give a sub-heading to slot of two to three paragraphs. Sub heading should also be equally impressive and tell the readers that now what you are going to say.
  • Conclusion should not have bombastic sermon. It should satisfy the readers that they got a lot from this post. It should also sum up the main points of the post but not in a boring way.

5. Unique points 

  • It should have numeric narration in 1,2,3 of important facts.
  • It should have an appeal for action to readers. It is called call to action.
  • At the end you should motivate readers to participate in the post by giving their comments.

So this is the proper way to write a blog post that must go viral. I understand you can’t create the one just after reading this post. But gradually by practicing regularly after sometime you would learn to write a post that would easily go viral.

Do you think there is some other requirements as well to create a post that becomes talk of the town. Do share with me your thoughts to add value in this post.

I am sure you would also reshare it with your friends and colleagues on social media.

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