Complete Guide: How to write a blog post that must go viral?

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It’s really so painful.

If barely a few visitors come to your newly published blog post.

Though you believe you know how to write a blog post.

It happened to all in the beginning. So don’t worry.

Whenever you create a post with a lot of hard work. What happens next?

In great expectations, you can’t sleep well after publishing it on your blog.

In your dreams you see it has become talk of the town.

People are swarming into it and you are proud of your hard work.

But the next day you wake up and see hardly hundred hits on your newly published blog post.

You did share it on every social media and forums. You also sent it through email to your not-so-small list.

how to write a blog postBut you could not have gotten as much response as you worked hard to create it and then to promote it.

You did smart work but……………..hhhhhh

Don’t worry you are not alone.

Every second blogger is facing same kind of frustration.

And the worst thing is that most of them feel frustrated whenever they publish a new post.

But now you would never be frustrated after publishing your post. You would just be counting the number of visitors and sharing it as your big success.

You simply have to be patient, read the whole post of more than 4000 words to do those things which you were not doing.

Professionally criminal negligence

Actually most of the bloggers create a post which only they want to create.

Though they should have created the one their readers want.

Many bloggers create a post that their readers want. But they fail to know what their readers really want.

Still there are many bloggers who create a post their readers really want. But they fail to create the one their readers also like it.

Last but not least, many non-techie create a post best for their readers but a trash for search engines.

how to write a blog post4 steps to know how to write a blog post

It means there are FOUR conceptual steps in right direction if you really want to know how to write a blog post.

  • Correctly know what your readers want
  • Create a quality post your readers also like
  • Promote the post to make your readers click on it and also
  • Fully know what search engines love

So to create a blog post that must go viral you need to follow the following steps to make it really viral post.

how to write a blog postExplore (not conceive) the biggest idea

To explore (not conceive) the biggest idea of your next blog post you should know what your readers want.

For this purpose there are four places where you can search what people want on a given topic.

how to write a blog postWhat your readers madly want?

To know what your readers insanely want you need to follow these five steps.

  • Read your readers’ comments on your blog and check what they are asking and what they are wishing to do.
  • Also read comments on other blogs and see what commenters are saying about your niche.
  • Search on main social media what stuff people are sharing and how people are responding to them.
  • Visit online forums and read the discussions there on your niche.
  • Go to Q&A websites like Quora and Yahoo Answer and check what people are asking about related to your niche.

After researching all the above places now sum up:

  • What is the main question people are asking?
  • What main concerns on a topic they are sharing?
  • What are their fears, dreams, desires and frustration related to your niche?

Then you can pick the most-asked and widely expressed point from the list to take it as a topic of your next blog post.

how to write a blog postWhat your top competitors are sharing?

Also visit your competitor blogs. Examine what type of contents your competitors are sharing. How they are covering a topic. What they are covering and what they are not covering.

Are their readers fully happy with their contents or want more.

So you can make a list of:

  • All those points your competitors didn’t cover.
  • Also the points they couldn’t have covered comprehensively.
  • Also the points which their readers want more.

Do you know now how to write a blog post your readers madly want?

Now you are clear what your readers want. Also you know what your competitors are not offering which your readers want.

This is the space where you can create a post.

how to write a blog postBrainstorm your own idea

Now you have clear idea on above points. It’s time to brainstorm your own idea in the light of your explored idea.

The easiest way is to write whatever is coming into your mind related to your topic.

  • Write everything that is coming into your mind
  • Rewrite them in an order that means related point in a series
  • Then remove those points that are repeated
  • Then correct the remaining points to consolidate
  • Finally make one sentence on which to create your next blog post that must go viral. It is also called one-liner.

Example: How to increase your blog traffic in shortest possible time without spending money and that also must convert?

how to write a blog postCreate fascinating outlines

Once you have one-liner of your post you can expand it into several points. It is called outlines of a post.

These are sub points that helps you make different parts or segments of your post.

Create the initial headline

After reading the outlines you can create the initial headline of your blog post. It may not be the just one headline. Write as much as you can and then move to next step.

The rest of your headlines could be used for inviting readers “Click To Tweet”.  As you can see here in this post.

how to create a blog postDo keyword research to please the search engines?

A blog post is created for both people and search engines. In previous steps you did your general research to create a post for people.

Now search what search engines want.

Here the main challenge is to know what search engines want out of what people want.

Still with me? Great.

how to write a blog postUse Ubber suggest to know related phrases

Ubber Suggest is the best tool to know related phrases of your initial headline.

Your initial headline (as pointed above) is the main point of your one liner. In our example its main topic is “a unique and free source of more traffic”.

how to write a blog postUse Google keyword planner to know its searches

With Google Keyword Planner (GKP) check the number of searches of all phrases you got from Ubber suggest. Pick those phrases with more than 1000 searches by your target audience.

In GKP you can put the countries where from you want to bring people to your blog.

For all those keywords with more than 1000 monthly searches pick those most related to your main topic.

how to write a blog postCoin a long-tail or phrasal keyword

Your each highly searched and related keyword would also show their level of competition as “Low”, “Medium” and “High”.

Most of the highly searched keywords have “High” or “Medium” competition. So to search low competition area you need to convert your keyword into a long-tail keyword.

It is so simple just write the keyword in address bar of your browser. You would get a few phrases that were longer than your keyword but also be covering it.

So from that small list of long-tail keywords pick the one most fit to put in your initial headline.

Google what has already been shared

Google your highly searched and related long-tail keyword and check what has already been shared on it.

So you need to explore that space where no one or hardly a few posts were created and your post could be a good addition into it.

Again look who are ranking on top

Also check which posts related to your researched topic are ranking on top. Are most of them created by top blogs or every Jack and Smith is ruling on top there.

how to write a blog postSearch the space where you can get your place on top

If only top bloggers are ranking high it means you have to work harder and harder to make your post equaling to theirs.

If so many struggling or newbie bloggers are also ranking high it is an opportunity for you to replace them with your post.

You just need to put highest level of quality in your post.

In either of the cases you are in a win-win position so move ahead and don’t think more.

how to write a blog post3 crazy tips on how to write a blog post

Remember these 3 crazy features of a blog post.

Apart from the common features there are specialized features a blog post must have. They are:

1. Unique contents

Its topic, description and narration all should be unique. Once a reader arrives on it he can’t leave because of its uniqueness. After reading it he must say vow what a new idea.

2. Interesting

Even the most boring point should be described very interestingly in your contents. Otherwise readers will run away after reading a few sentences.

3. Not much bookish

There is huge difference between a blog post and a text book lesson. It should not be so bookish. It should be so lighter.

It should communicate the message without letting the reader know he has received your message. Otherwise he will feel bored as if he is in a class room.

how to write a blog postHow to write a blog post practically?

All pre-post work is done. Start writing your post step by step following these guidelines.

Create optimizable outlines

You already have your first draft of outlines (as pointed in the beginning). But these are not optimized.

So put your final long-tail keyword in all points were it gets fit. It will remind you where and how to use it in your first draft.

Create your first draft

An offline post or printed post has three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion.

But an online post has an additional element that is Call-To-Action.


It must arouse your readers’ emotions. It must convince readers they are going to receive great benefits after reading the whole post.

It should work as glue to make your readers stick with you till the end.

It must be a big promise that what benefits readers are going to take after reading the whole post.

It should also be a slight hint of what readers are going to receive from remaining parts of the post.

You can also open your post with a big surprise or a conflict.

Example: Instead of saying content is king you can announce content is no more king. Then ask readers to get its explanation in detail in following paragraphs.


The body of the post offers maximum benefits to your readers. It should be in several paragraphs with a sub heading for each one-to-three paragraphs.

You must have well researched all the info to provide to your readers. So provide them as simple as you can.

Create short sentences and small paragraphs. People want very clear message in simple form.

Conclusion of you post

The conclusion of the post is usually a summary of the whole post.

But in online publication it does not work well because an online post is already simple. So people need not any summary of it.

Instead your conclusion should encourage readers to follow the tips or apply the info of your blog post. It should make readers believe they can do it if they really act upon its info.

Call to action

It should actually makes you achieve the basic objective of your blog post. All information in a blog post is provided to achieve your basic goal. It could be:

  • To convert the readers as subscribers
  • To make them reshare your post on social media
  • To make them buy a product that you recommended in the post
  • All of the above
  • Or any other depending upon your blogging objectives.

So your call-to-action should be so convincing that a reader happily responds to it positively.

Create a mind-blowing headline

You already have created the initial draft of your headline. Now it’s time to make it appealing.

  • A headline should be so catchy and never give an escape to viewers other than clicking on it.
  • It must tell what benefits a post is going to offer and how readers’ long-standing problem would be solved after reading it.
  • It is also good to define a noun with a powerful adjective and a verb with appropriately and strongly appealing adverb. It makes your headline more powerful.

how to write a blog postEdit your blog post

Read your whole blog post again and correct its punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Recheck its info. Also replace any inappropriate word with the appropriate one.

Check grammar

If you know the basic knowledge of grammar check it yourself. Else check it through any grammar checking tool. I suggest to get trial version of Grammarly that gives basic services of grammar checking for free.

Confirm the data

Try to confirm all kind of its info including data, facts and figures etc by googling it.

If your info is from any authenticate site it is good. Also mention the source where from you got facts and figures.

If your info is not from any credible site it is better not to take risk and skip such weak data.


Divide your post into small paragraphs. Try to write small sentences but not at the cost of clarity.

Give space between the paragraphs. Your post should have maximum white space.


After making a post likable for your readers, make it likable for search engines as well.

This is called search engine optimization of your post. It has set rules and you simply need to follow them as below.

Insert long tail keyword

Your long tail keyword should be in following places of your post:

  • Try to put it in the beginning of its headline
  • Put the long-tail keyword once in first 100 words
  • Also put the keyword into the slug of the post
  • Insert it in alt tag column of each image
  • Use related keywords as well which you obtained while researching in Google keyword planner.
  • Format sub headings to make them interesting. Also put a long tail keyword in at least one sub heading.
  • Over-all your long tail keyword should be once in every set of 300 words. But never try to put it unnecessarily.

Internal linking

Internal linking means linking your post with related posts previously published on your blog. It is an important factor to get higher ranking in Google search.

Avoid linking them with phrase like: “you may also read”, “you may also like” kind of direct requests.

Put the links of your previously published posts into the main contents. Put them where it is good to provide bonus info to your readers.

External linking

It means linking any post from other blogs into your contents. Try to link the most relevant post from a top blog.

To optimize your post you need to link at least one external post to your contents.

You can link several if your secondary objective is to invite attention of those whose posts you are linking.

how to write a blog postCreate description

Description of a blog post appears in search page below the headline. It should tell the searchers what your post is about.

It should also describe how important this post is for them. It should be of three small sentences or one to two long sentences.

Its characters (alphabets and spaces) must not exceed 160 because search engines ignore the rest.

Also create social media description(s)

It is good to create a set of descriptions to write above the post while sharing it on social media.

Other than Twitter you need to describe your post while sharing it on Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

So diversify your description by covering different aspects of the post for different social media.

Insert add-ons

The more diversified your post is, higher its chances to go viral.

Readers are fed up with text contents. They need variety that could be put with images, charts, tables, quotes, images, gif images and social sharing buttons within the post.

It all depends upon the length of your post to put as much variety as proportionate to number of words.

A 1000-to-1500-word post (widely recommended) should have:

  • 2 images
  • 1 chart or table if necessary
  • 1 quote related to the topic
  • 1 video
  • And Click To Tweet option with an alternate headline at two appropriate places.

It is good to give relief to your readers after each two text paragraphs by adding any of the above items.


Your selected images for your post must be:

  • Copyright free and you should obtain it from any free images site.
  • Related to the topic of your post
  • In high-resolution in PNG or JPEG format
  • In proper size that doesn’t require much compression to fit into your blog post area.
  • Unique to grab attention of your readers

how to write a blog postCharts and tables

If your post has any data or facts and figures you can create a table or chart to make it more interesting.

There are many sites including Canva and Visme that offer such services both free and premium.

Your charts and tables should be carefully developed otherwise any mistake would offset the big impact you created with your data.


People also want to know what amazing or wonderful thoughts experts have about the topic of your post.

A quote inserted within the post makes your contents more powerful. Readers stop awhile to enjoy the powerful message of the quote.

You can find a quote related to your post by writing quote + topic of your post in Google search.


If you want your readers get more info on the topic you can refer them a video to watch. Search the more relevant Videos on YouTube and embed it into your post.

Below every video on YouTube there is an option of Embed. Click on it and copy the code and then paste it at appropriate place in your post.

Never forget to first convert the post into text form (that shows the coding) by clicking on Text option on right side of editing bar in WordPress. The same option is also available in Blogger.

how to write a blog postClick to Tweet

WordPress offer a plugin “Click to Tweet” to get your readers reshare your post. You already have many extra headlines you created while making initial headline of your blog post.

So inset them at places where you feel your contents can influence them to reshare it with their friends on Twitter.

It is easy to install and very easy to operate. Go to your plugin options in your dashboard of WP Admin and within it you have the option of new plugin. You can search it there to install it easily on your blog.

Beautify the key paragraphs

If you know basic coding of CSS it’s good. Else you can learn it on W3Schools to further beautify your post.

It gives good impression if you highlight a few of your important paragraphs by putting different color background and a border around it. It grabs readers’ attention to hold them more.

how to write a blog postWait, don’t click the PUBLISH button

After creating and fully optimizing and formatting your blog post still you need to do a few tasks before publishing it.

Check spelling

If you have checked the spelling in your word file still it is good to check spelling in post editor in your WP dashboard.

Select feature image

Your post editor also ask you in right hand sidebar to pick one image of your post as its featured image. That will be shown on your home page with the excerpt of the post. Also on social media.

So pick the one that is more impressive and gist of the whole blog post.

Select category

It is must to pick the category of the post again from a window on right hand sidebar of your post editor.

It also helps Google to know the type of the topic of your post to provide it to those who are searching it.

Insert tag(s)

Tag also helps readers and search engines to know which sub-category or related category your post belongs to. It also helps them know more about your blog post.

how to write a blog postInsanely promote your blog post

If you deliver a great speech in an empty hall what would be the feedback. Obviously a silence and nothing else. You will never get applause unless you let people hear what you are saying.

So your job of creating a blog post does not end by just publishing it. The main task begins from here to make people read it.

What is the use of the post if it is not shared with those who want it?

You can’t rely on search engines because it is not must they will rank your post higher. If your post remains on ending search pages no one would notice it.

So promote your post extensively to every place where you think those who want your post are available.

On social media

Share it on all social media with the description you earlier created to let people know about it.

Share multiple times on different social media. To know the best timing of social media sharing search in Google “what is the best time to share on social media”.


It is not possible to share your post on social media several times in a day. For this you should register in any automated social media tool. Initially you can register as free member and then become the premium one if you get fully satisfied with its services.

Three best such tools are Buffer, Hootsuite and Social Pilot and all provide free services as well.

Direct emailing to other than subscribers

In addition to emailing its link to your email subscribers also send it to all those who are your friends, colleagues and actively connected with you.

If they would mind your sending email they would let your know so you may not send them next time. Else never miss any chance of promoting your post.

Forum posting

You must be already member of so many forums related to your niche. If not, simply search “forums + your niche” and you would find so many easily.

Get yourself registered there and then start sharing your post to let its members know about your post.

One guest post to promote the main post

Write one guest post related to the topic of your main post and get it published on a popular blog.

Many blogs accept guest post. You can find them by googling “blogs of (your niche) that accept guest post” in Google.

If your post is most comprehensive post on a topic like this one you can create more than one guest post to get more traffic from other blogs.

how to write a blog postAsk influencers for resharing

Influencers have huge number of following on social media. If they reshare your post you may get huge number of clicks on it.

So request the influencers whom you are already connected for resharing your post. Search them on Klout related to your niche to first be connected with them. Then you can ask them to reshare your post.

Search in Quora topics related to your post

In question answer sites like Quora and Yahoo Answer people asks questions on different topic.

Search the questions related to the topic of your post to reply them by referring your post.

So the questioner and other viewers would get to know about your post.

Your turn

I like your patience and keen interest to learn how to write a blog post that must go viral.

Now I need your love and care if you really think I did a little hard work to create this free guide to create a blog post.

  • Reshare this post on social media with your friends
  • Share your very valuable thoughts on it in comments section below
  • Never forget to link this post (purely on merit) as and when you share a post on your blog on its topic.


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