How to write a product review that must sell?

Product review means writing a post on a product or service. It aims to tell your readers all about it. I used the words all about means both benefits and drawbacks.

The aim of product review is to sell a given product but not in an ordinary way. Here retaining the trust of your readers as their mentor is the priority.

Why to write a product review?

There is big difference between writing a product review and showcasing a product for sell.

If you write a product review it means your main purpose is to help your readers take benefit from the given product. If you simply showcase a product it means your priority is to sell it and earn money. This is the basic difference between a marketer and seller.

A seller sells the products features. A marketer sells the products benefits. As an internet marketer you must sell the products benefits.

Select the product

You can’t write review of a product of your choice. First evaluate the product features and then match it with your audience needs. If your audience is middle-aged housewives what they need. They need every product related to care.

They equally need a product that is not available easily in the market. They want a product that serves their several needs related to care. It may be beneficial to them, their kids and their whole family. So minutely assess what your target audience really needs.

how to write a product reviewWhy people read a product review?

Usually the purpose of reading a product review can be varied including:

  • To know what benefits a given product offers
  • Why a given product is better than other available in the market?
  • Does buyer get a special discount by clicking on the link of the product in the review?
  • What are other sister products of the given product to fulfill other needs of similar nature?

So keep these objectives in mind writing about a product on your blog. Slightly refer the drawbacks of the product as well but never unduly elaborate them. Your ninety per cent contents should cover the benefits.

Never set the length of review. Just write that is necessary to tell to your readers. If it ends with four hundred words, finish it there. Write in an informal language as if you are telling about a product to your best friend.

Opinion of buyers

Try to get the opinion of people of those who are using the given product. This you can get from the website of the product. Try to refer opinion of those who your target audience knows well.

Another golden rule

Never ask readers to go to the sellers’ website and buy a product. Just conclude if they buy they will be thanking you soon after using it. No any straightaway request. You are internet marketer not the seller.

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