How to write quality comments on 30 blog posts daily in 3½ hours?

Do you know the importance of blog commenting.

Comments on your blog show the engaging power of your contents.

To get more comments on your blog you need to follow hundreds of ways as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts here.

Also your comments on other blog posts make you famous; help you to build relationship with top bloggers and also you get back links from the blogs which offer do-follow link.

Blog commenting has acquired greater value especially after changes in SEO rules. Earlier just dropping a comment with your blog URL was sufficient.

But now it is necessary to write quality comments not only to simply get a back link or to show your presence but also to add value in a given post. Your comments on others’ blog posts help you build your authority in blogosphere.

Benefits of quality comments on other blog posts

Quality comments help you achieve your goal of building relationship with successful bloggers of your niche and also Google notices your comments and your maturity level from the quality of your comments.

commentsQuality comments help you to:

  • Prove how knowledgeable blogger are you
  • Influence other commentators with your point of view
  • Connect with several commentators
  • Bring those to your blog who get inspired by your comments
  • Get back links to your blog
  • Get noticed by your niche community
  • Become famous blogger
  • Improve your fast writing skills by frequently writing comments on other blog posts
  • Learn a lot from the posts on which you have to comment

But why you fail to get these so many benefits of commenting on other blog posts. Actually you follow the rules of offline world to exploit this important tool of SEO in blogging.

You fully read each post before commenting on it. If the average length of each post is 750 words so how many blog posts you can read in a day to comment on them. Hardly ten posts if you are fast reader.

If you take 10 minutes to read each post you need almost two hours just to read ten blog posts. Again if you need 15 minutes to write comment on each blog post you spend two and a half hours for this purpose. Total you need four and half hours to write quality comments on 10 blog posts daily. So is it a wise strategy if:

  • You are part-time blogger
  • You have to do many other blogging chores
  • You publish a post daily at your blog
  • You manage more than one blog
  • You also do freelancing apart from managing your blog

So is it wise to spend daily four and half hours just to comment on other blogs. Don’t get me wrong. I won’t tell you any cunning trick to save your time.

I will just give you tips to write quality comments on 30 blog posts daily in same and even in lesser time. Don’t worry I won’t tell you to write stereo-typed comments. These will be quality comments. So before moving ahead first let me tell you what are quality comments.

What are quality comments?

Remember quality comments do not mean lengthy comments. This is one of the biggest misconceptions very common in blogosphere.

Many bloggers very innocently thank a commentator for his lengthy comments. Length has nothing to do with quality in any product or service. A quality comment means:

  • Fully focusing the topic of a given post
  • Adding value in it
  • Suggesting improvements
  • Positively pointing mistakes of the post, if any
  • Appreciating good work as conclusion of the comment

Now tell me is it necessary to write a lengthy commentary as your comment on a blog post. I also many times write a lengthy comment but while editing try to trim unnecessary points from it.

What is an ideal length of a blog comment?

The length of a blog comment should also follow the general rule of the length of a blog post. It should end where nothing relevant is left to write. But it should not be so precise just with one or two sentences.

An ideal sentence should be of to 10 words and an ideal comment should be of minimum 7 sentences. This is the body of your comment and salutation and concluding parts are apart from it.

This I am saying on the basis of my personal experience. I love to read a to-the-point comment that focuses more on the topic of my post.

What are the main components of a blog comment?

Now it is clear that a quality comment does not mean a lengthy comment. It is also clear the length of an ideal comment should be:

  • One salutation phrase
  • One opening sentence mostly appreciating the post
  • Main part of the comment in at least 7 sentences of average 10 words each to discuss the post including appreciating, furthering and criticizing its main points.
  • Concluding sentence usually a thanking salutation and expressing hopes.

So you need not to write lengthy comments. By following the above guidelines you can write each comment in 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes. In this way you will save 100 minutes easily to make 20 more comments.

commentsHow to read a blog post for commenting on it?

After this let’s discuss how to read a blog post. Should you read the complete post to comment on it? You must read it completely.

But here I ask does every post have complete unique info to must read it fully. If it is so; it means daily thousands of new studies, surveys and theories are being introduced to put new info in thousands of posts which are published daily. Obviously it is not correct.

If you take a look around and see main news related to blogs and technology hardly one or two main things happen all around the world.

While thousands of blog posts are published daily. Does it mean all of them daily cover the same one or two new hopping in their posts?

Obviously not, 99 per cent blogs just repeat the old information with a new angle. It means if you read daily ten blog posts you will learn all about blogging in maximum three to six months. After that you just read to enjoy old wine in a new bottle or old info in a new perspective.

So don’t follow the rule of reading a blog post completely to prove your honesty. There must be a difference between the honesty level of a smart person and a silly person. You can do as much honesty as you can with working smart and need not to do the donkey work to be an honest person.

7 ways for reading a post to write quality comments

Here are 7 smart ways to read a blog post for commenting on it.

1. Read unique post completely – the best way

If a post has quite new and unique info, must read it completely. But such posts are hardly published daily. You can get 2 to 3 posts every week which you need to read fully. Its best example is each post of Neil Patel; if I am not exaggerating.

So read such posts thoroughly and then you will enjoy commenting on it because you also learn a lot from them.

2. Skip what you already know – the rational way

If a post is a mix of new and old info skip all the paragraphs which you already know. Just read their headings and read those points in detail which you don’t know. Then discuss the newly learnt points in your comments and also give your opinion on it.

3. Pick the central idea of the post – the smart way

In so many posts instead of info the personal opinion of the writer dominates the post. So just search what writer is trying to say. Grab that point and discuss it in your comments.

4. Stop where you get the main point – the tricky way

Many posts have the main points in the beginning. They also just repeat the old info with a new angle. So stop where you find the main points and then with your previous knowledge extend its a few points in your comments.

5. Read the first and last paragraph – the courteous way

If the headline of a post does not convey its topic just read the first and last paragraph of the post to comment on it. But it should have the old info in a new style to read it fast.

6. Read the conclusion – the scholarly way

If the topic of a post is very stereotyped, just read the conclusion that is usually a summary of the post. Then discuss it in your comments and make it a quality comment easily.

7. Read the call to action – the supportive way

While reading blogs posts of newbie bloggers it is sufficient to read their call to action and comment on it easily.

If you follow these 7 reading ways you can read each blog post in average 2 minutes and can save 8 minutes from each reading. You can read 20 more posts daily to make comments on them in same time.

So collectively you can write quality comments on 30 blog posts daily by following the above tips. But wait a minute. You can’t do this from today. You need to do a little practice to learn perfectly how to make quality comments in 7 minutes on each blog post to make 30 comments in total three and half hours.

Otherwise, if you follow the traditional way you can write just 10 comments daily that too in four and a half hours as I calculated it in the initial paragraphs of this post.

commentsPractice 7 minutes daily for the next 25 days

Don’t worry you need not to spend much time to make practice. Just 7 minutes daily for the next 25 days will make you master of blog commenting without compromising on quality and also in very short time.

Free tutorial to practice speedy blog commenting of high quality

For speedy commenting on 30 blog posts daily maintaining its quality also, it is also necessary you must have sound background knowledge of your niche. If your niche is blogging you should have the basic knowledge of:

  1. What is blogging and what you need to know about it?
  2. What are common blogging goals and which ones should be yours?
  3. What is niche and how to select the best one for your blog?
  4. What is domain name and how to select the best one for your blog?
  5. How to choose an ideal blog name?
  6. How to select the best hosting for your blog?
  7. How to select the best blogging platform and why?
  8. How to select from the best blog themes for your WordPress blog?
  9. What is an ideal blog design and why?
  10. How to start a blog on a strong foundation?
  11. How to do SEO for your blog?
  12. How to do keyword research for writing contents on your blog?
  13. How to write a blog post that must go viral?
  14. How to make infographics for your blog?
  15. How to make podcast for your blog?
  16. How to make videos for your blog?
  17. How to do on-page SEO of your blog?
  18. How to do off-page SEO of your blog?
  19. How to get back links for your blog?
  20. How to promote your blog on social media after flip in SEO rules?
  21. 4 tested methods to monetize your blog
  22. What is the best monetization strategy for your blog?
  23. The smartest way to get approve Google Adsense account
  24. Top 5 evergreen affiliates for money blogging
  25. 5 golden tips to easily get BuySellAds approval

Join this free tutorial

Instead of just glancing on the links above, read one post daily by clicking the links above and follow any of the suggested 7 reading ways and then comment on it as I just guided you. You will read each post in two minutes and comment on it in just five minutes.

Immediate benefits of this free tutorial

These are 25 posts so by just sparing 7 minutes daily for the next 25 days you will:

  • Learn all the basics of blogging niche if you don’t know earlier
  • Try all the reading styles while going through these posts
  • Comment on 25 posts in this learning process and make others feel your presence
  • Above all you will become dearer to me when I receive your quality comments daily for the next 25 days.

Long-term benefits of this free tutorial

Your becoming dearer to me means a lot to me. At least I will also visit your each latest post and give my comments there.

I can bet if you avail this free tutorial you will eventually:

  • Become expert of basic blogging skills
  • Become expert of fast commenting
  • Become expert of giving quality comments
  • Be able to give your quality comments on 30 blog posts daily
  • Become famous in blogosphere
  • Take your blog to higher page rank and obviously to the next level

Register now

So just drop your first quality comments below this post and let me know if you make a resolve to read the above posts (one each daily) for practicing to write quality comments. Also do tell me if you need to read this post completely or you have tried any of the other six reading ways.

I am sure you already have reshared this post to make your friends take benefit of it.

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